Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Yellow & Pink

In my search for pink and yellow I stumbled across this gorgeous book by William Steig called Yellow & Pink. It looks adorable. It's about a yellow and pink puppet lying in the sun waiting for their paint to dry pondering their origin. They speculate, they debate and then finally a strange man walks into their lives. The book is available on Amazon. Click HERE to be directed straight there.


kstyle said...

I am a total pink and yellow fan. Love your new sidebar features. k

MT said...

It sounds like a simplified version of "Waiting for Godot"!

Anna said...

Thanks K! Great to hear from you!

Anna said...

Sorry if I'm not up to speed MT but who is/what is Waiting for Godot?? Another book I presume??

MT said...

Sorry Anna I guess its an Irish thing! Its a play by Dublin born play-write Samuel Beckett. Have a look at the synposis section here for the plot

See - I'm more than just interior design! :)