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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Venetian Mirrors

Lately I have been receiving many emails from readers asking me where I would suggest they go to buy a mirror similar to the mirror I have above the vanity in my wardrobe. Lynn at Paris Hotel Boutique has a beautiful one at the moment which I have posted above but Ebay is another great source. Click HERE & HERE to see the many different styles currently available.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Decorating Tips - Part 2

This is my idea of collections on display - a mismatch of special things adorns a beautiful old armoire. Image courtesy of Cottage Living Magazine.

A collection of shells and coral has been housed in a recessed shelving unit. Image courtesy of Cottage Living Magazine.

I often talk about collections and their importance in the decoration of a home. I believe that peoples things should be on display and not hidden away in a cupboard. Collections of things on display within a house add the owners personality to what otherwise is a blank canvas. With that in mind I have compiled a few images to show some ways you can display your collections within your home. Don't be afraid to pull out your grandmother's old china or your mother's old vase as it is special and should be used and not hidden away forever.

I personally like to collect shells, decorative boxes, old crystal & silver perfume bottles and jars, old tea cups & saucers and books just to name a few. I don't tend to display them altogether in a glass cabinet but instead I place them on tables and shelving within my home mixed up with other bits and pieces I have collected over time.

Old Glass bottles above create a pretty display on a dressing table or bathroom vanity. Image courtesy of Bountiful Home.

If you don't have a collection I encourage you to think about what you love and what you would like to have a collection of one day. Some things you might consider to collect are old plates, shells & coral, vases, depression glass, silverware, Christmas ornaments, black & white photographs, pottery, Antique textiles. I would actually like to start collecting old plates as I think it would be so lovely to have a big collection of old mismatched dinner plates and even old mismatched cutlery when setting the table for special dinners.

Mismatched cutlery above via Bountiful Home. Try Ebay or local Antique shops for similar cutlery.

Pretty old teacups above. Image courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Starting a collection is also fantastic for family and friends as it makes it so much easier for them to know what to buy you for Christmas and Birthdays and I must say it makes it lovely for you too as you will receive gifts which you actually love rather than things that might go into the back of a cupboard!!

For a related post topic Kate at Girl Meets Glamour posted a question to her readers earlier this week - What do you collect?

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Decorating Tips - Part 1

An example of mismatched cushions above on an Antique french 2 seater sofa upholstered in plain white canvas fabric.

This plain charcoal linen sofa at Black & Spiro looked so beautiful when we added the array of patterned and striped cushions to it. We used a mixture of charcoal, white and yellow fabrics. The yellow instantly brought the sofa to life and incorporated the yellow silk curtains which fell behind the sofa.

It is my opinion that beautiful cushions and lamps can make a room. The plainest or most outdated sofa can be brought to life by the addition of custom made cushions in an array of beautiful fabrics and a table in the corner or behind a sofa can be uplifted by the placement of a unique lamp with custom made shade.

If you are on a tight budget opt for a less expensive sofa in a plain fabric and have some special cushions made (or make your own) in a mismatch of fabrics - this will certainly make your look individual and I guarantee the cushions will enhance the look of your inexpensive sofa! The other wonderful thing about cushions is that you can change them around very easily - I often adivse clients to have two sets of cushions made for their lounge room; one set for Winter and one set for Summer. This keeps things interesting and as I always say a change is as good as a holiday.

Another great idea for people on a budget is to scour Antique shops and markets for old lamps -they can be very inexpensive; my recent lamp purchase at an Antique shop totalled $25.00. Bring vintage lamps to life with beautiful lampshades made in fabulous fabrics and again I guarantee you will add an individual and stylish touch to your room. Some old lamps can even look wonderful repainted in white or a bright colour - use your imagination!

This gorgeous vintage lamp which I placed on a table in a client's house was an Antique shop find. I had a new shade made in a Designers Guild silk which immediately brought the gorgeous and unusual lampbase back to life. It also introduced interest and colour to the timber table.

This beautiful pair of yellow lamps in Chloe Sevigny's apartment certainly make a statement - I love how these lamps contrast with the mirrored cabinet. Image courtesy of House & Garden.

For inexpensive fabrics which you can order online visit Reprodepot or Purlsoho. If you are looking for a particular type of fabric or a designer fabric visit your local interior decorator and ask to look through their library. Please note, some decorators don't like to have their sample books on show to the public. At Black & Spiro I encourage my customers to come and look through our fabric range. I would recommend you call some of your local decorators first in order to find out whether you can look through their fabrics; this will not only save time, it will also give the decorating store advance notice of your visit.