Wednesday, 11 April 2007


Bueller Designs emailed me today with a link to their Etsy shop which contains the most wonderful array of photographs which are available for purchase. These two above were my favourites. They seem to be able to capture some amazing street scenes and their beach photos are stunning as well.

Photo via Nate Berkus

Photo via Desire to Inspire

I do love photographs hung in clusters and even purchased photography pieces mixed with black and white family photographs can look wonderful. As usual there are no rules but sometimes people choose to frame all the photos in the same colour frame but mixed styles and sometimes people just group a complete mix of framed pieces. Whatever your choice is make sure you do it with impact so lots of pieces I think are best and even hung down to the floor or like the above picture just leaning against the wall.

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kim. said...

I am totally GAGA over art groupings. And it's so easy now to do it with all the great affordable art on Etsy. Speaking of which, I'm waiting for some prints to arrive from Etsy...and some from Jo...