Thursday, 19 April 2007


This image via Dreamhouse Cammy caught my attention today. I adore White rooms as you all know and I just can't help but add every single all White room I see to my "I Love" file images!! I particularly love the sheer White tablecloth and frilled chair covers and of course my favourite White painted wooden floor boards!!


Di Overton said...

Is that a Fortuny Lamp I spy? Loving setting

Anonymous said...

There's no question that this is a stunner. Love the floorboards. Just out of curiousity - do you know anyone with a white room who has kids, and if so, what do they do to prevent spaghetti stains and the like?

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! :)

Anna Spiro said...

Thank you so much to everyone who left me comments on this post over the weekend however, I have to apologise to you all as I accidently deleted the comments you left. SORRY!!