Friday, 27 April 2007

Pink & Yellow from Stylecourt

Look at all of these gorgeous pink & yellow inspirations which I found on Stylecourt. When I first started my blog Courtney was my first big supporter and I have so much to be grateful to her for. I found her beautiful blog about 10 months ago and she inspired me to start Absolutely Beautiful Things. Thank you so much Courtney for supporting me since my very first post. You are a constant inspiration to me and a much adored blogging friend.


momma j lee ♥ said...

Hi there.. I stumbled across your blog and just had a fantastic time going through your posts! I especially love your yellow & pink blogs - very inspiring!

I also noticed you run a home decor store, I'm planning on opening my own in the near future and I wanted to talk to ppl about their experiences, would you mind?

you can check out my blog at

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE that bottom room - the colours and the way everything is so low to the ground

kstyle said...

So happy, great way to end my day, k

Style Court said...

Ditto Anna!

You are too sweet but I appreciate the mention here oh so much. I'm glad you enjoyed these pictures. You are an inspiration as well!


Anna Spiro said...

Thanks J lee for your kind note! I had a quick look at your gorgeous site but I will be back to spend some more time there in the next couple of days!! It looks fantastic BTW!