Wednesday, 4 April 2007

More Fashion Illustrations

I'm obviously in fashion sketch mode at the moment and so I thought I would share some more with you. I adore these by Eduard Erlikh. He has worked for the likes of Vogue, Elle and Tiffany & Co. His pieces are created by layering up to 20 coats of watercolour paint.


The Peak of Chic said...

Yes, I love these. I remember an article recently about Erlikh in Domino.

Julie at Belle Vivir said...

I love these sketches. I imagine them in a dressing room with french antiques. So glamourous.

Anonymous said...

Eduard Erlikh is my favorite illustrator. He is the reason why I started collecting fashion illustration. I love his sense of color and how he sees fashion. Erlikh is the master of female form. I have that Yellow polka doted YSL image as a poster, and I want more of his images in my collection.

a. said...

I tried to post before but it wouldn't work!

Sorry to keep recommending books to you but there are two great books that I was reminded of when I saw this post. The publishing co. I worked for released them in the US and in the UK they were published by Thames & Hudson called "Fashion Illustration Now" and a follow up called "Fashion Illustration Next" by Laird Borelli.

You are keeping me on my toes making me remember all this stuff I thought I had long forgotten!

Have a wonderful Easter :-)

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

These are absolutely fabulous, Anna!