Thursday, 19 April 2007

Budget Bedroom Decorating Ideas

I do love this idea to paint a striped wall behind a bed as a low budget way of decorating a bedroom. I think this room looks beautiful and it has been very simply and most definately inexpensively put together. An alternative to painting stripes would be a striped wallpaper which would look equally as effective or even another type of patterned wallpaper. The fabric on the scatter cushions is a Designers Guild silk. I have actually used this silk before and it is devine. Crisp white with a few special touches makes for a beautiful look and the best thing of all is that when you tire of the colours all you have to do is change the scatter cushions and repaint or repaper the wall and you will have a completely new look.

Another fantastic idea is to cut a bedhead out of wallpaper as above. I love this concept, so much fun and another cost effective and innovative way to decorate a room.
Images courtesy of Living Etc. and Marie Claire Maison.


nomita said...

Love that wallpaper! Does anyone know who makes it? I would love to use it in my daughter's room.



Di Overton said...

Both beautiful rooms. I wonder who knitted the bedcover

pinkmohair said...

Such a fun project, and love the silk cushions in the first photo.

kim. said...

I love that you aussie's call them bedheads and I love the wallpapered one - what a gorgeous photo!!!

Strwberrydelight said...

I can't work out if this is my eye playing tricks on me but it looks like the brown 'wall' has been cut out to reveal the pink underneath (ie it was a very fine piece of mdf or suchlike). Is it just my eyes? Would that even be possible?

either way, will I ever be able to get away with that headboard cos I want it??

Jessie said...

I love that wallpaper headboard!!! Very cool idea, and cheap!! :)

LauraB said...

I wish I'd seen this before buying the cheapest Ikea bedframe I could find! Is it hard to cut out wallpaper in such a large shape do you think? Don't they come in smaller strips? (never wallpapered before)

Anna said...

Hi Laurab, This may well be fabric which has been attached to the wall, not wallpaper as I previously thought. The design is a Designers Guild pattern and it was available in fabric. The reason why I think this maybe fabric is because the fabric is approximately 140cm wide and wallpaper is usually somewhere around 70cm wide. Only other thing they may have done is joined the wallpaper but I can't see a join in the picture. I'm starting to think it is fabric.
THanks for bringing this to my attention!!

LauraB said...

Well even cooler and probably easier to do if it's fabric. That seems more likely. I'm going to take this idea to my next home, I'm moving in July and dumping the Ikea frame. Thanks for the idea!

Anna said...

Thanks to all who left me comments on this post over the weekend but I am so SORRY I accidently deleted them!! Sorry!!


AlanR said...

I love the bedhead made from wallpaper. What a brilliant and inexpensive idea! Can you put up some "how to" instructions?

Alan Riley, publisher