Wednesday, 20 August 2008

My Little Cottage

My ideal home is a pretty little old cottage {painted white of course}. Unlike many who strive for 'the big house' I tend to be more of a cottage style of person. BUT my ideal cottage must perfect in every way ie. it's neat, it's tidy, it has perfectly manicured gardens with a perfect white picket fence and inside is, well, perfect in my own imperfect sort of a way. Don't worry I am going somewhere with this!!

Almost a year ago my husband and I purchased a very little {very imperfect & very impractical} 2 bedroom cottage in an inner city suburb of Brisbane with all the intentions of making it perfect. Well, so far we have built the pool which is great but that's it. I have spent all year working with my architect trying to work out the best solution for this little house and at times I have almost thrown in the towel. BUT, I think, just maybe, I might be almost there...well that is maybe I might have a builder ready to start working on this little old lady!

A little while ago I was so thrilled when Courtney over at Stylecourt posted before and after shots of this little cottage {above} which is almost identical to my little ugly duckling. These pictures became my inspiration for my project and I suppose it was this image {top} which kept me going when I started to think 'this is all too hard'. So today I thought I'd post this little cottage and hopefully early next year I will post some before and after shots of my little cottage!! Thanks for always inspiring me Courtney!!

Stay tuned as tomorrow I'll be posting Courtney's 'Absolutely Favourite Things'!!


Anne, anness design said...

ah, beautiful. So different from before!


Hi Anna
A friend of mine lives down the street from this house in Atlanta- It was amazing to watch the transformation happen - good luck with your project!

Anna Spiro said...

Wow Collard - I'd love to see some more pics of this house if you ever have the chance?!! It's so gorgeous!

prettywithribbons said...

What great inspiration! Amazing what a little paint will do. Best wishes on getting your cottage the way you want it...we are doing the same!

Katherine said...

Oh, I adore cottages with white picket fences! And I love the splash of the red door against the crisp white exterior of the house- it's beautiful. Can't wait to see photos of your before & after!

Style Court said...

Anna, I'm so glad this inspired you. Isn't it funny that this house is similar to yours? The home I posted is actually in Virginia, as seen in Southern Accents, if that helps :)

We can't wait to see more of your home of course.

Olivia/Livy (^.^)v said...

Wow... the transformation is really great. I love it. It's so beautiful now. White color always has its way to make things look gorgeous.

The cottage owner exchanged the front door position with the big window next to it, which is such a brilliant idea. Now it looks so warm and inviting (not looking like a barn anymore).

Thx so much for sharing this.
It gave me lots of inspirations.
Looking forward for your cottage's face lift.
Have a fun week there, Anna (^_^)v

Suzy said...

It's oh so cute! I can't wait to see some more pics of your place!

Sharnel said...

Anna your little cottage is going to be stunning!

Keren - The Brown Trading Co. said...

A little cottage is my ideal home too! Just a few beautiful rooms for moi and my poochies is all I need.

This little home is so sweet.

Keren xx

Anna Spiro said...

Hi All, Courtney just gave me some correct details about this house. Although the house appears small in these images it isn't that small. Here's what Courtney said - "It's not in Atlanta, it's in Virginia and it's not all that small. It's just not over-blown. I posted the front and back views. The architect modified the upstairs and the back but kept the facade very much the same. Just cosmetic changes."

I was inspired by this view of the house as my house looks like this view.


Erin Gates said...

This is SO my ideal as well- a perfect little cottage remodeled to my specifications! :) I am sure yours will be just as stunning as this one!