Friday 31 December 2010

Goodbye 2010 Hello 2011


Happy Happy New Year!!

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Thursday 23 December 2010

All Over Red Rover


Well, that's it.  I'm finished for this year.  It has been one of the biggest years of my life.  I've had a beautiful baby boy who I absolutely adore, I've renovated our store, I've imported my very first 2 container loads of Stuart Membery furniture for Black & Spiro, I've moved house, I've started renovating our new house, I've decorated lots of wonderful homes and met lots of lovely new people, I've made new friends and I have to say I haven't cried as much this year...that in itself is a huge achievement for me as I tend to cry when I am stressed so that must mean I haven't been as stressed this year!!

I've had a wonderful year and I am looking forward to spending some much needed time with my boys.  I am looking forward to reflecting on all the things I've achieved this year and I am very much looking forward to having some time over the holidays to make plans and goals for the year which lies ahead.

As I move into the 5th year of posting here on my blog I hope to be able to continue to inspire you as I lead you along my winding road.  I am also looking forward to following the journey of my very talented and kind fellow bloggers in 2011.

Thank you for your interest and for continuing to read my blog.  You are all so wonderful and very supportive.  This really is such a happy and positive community and I am so thrilled to be a part of it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

See you soon.


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Wednesday 22 December 2010

Almost There...

Today I delivered this armchair to one of my lovely clients in Toowoomba.  The orchid printed linen we covered the chair in is actually one of my favourite fabrics at the moment.  I can't wait until tomorrow night as we will be completely finished our pre-Christmas installations and deliveries.  It certainly has been a wonderfully hectic Christmas season and I can't wait to have a couple of weeks away with my boys!!

Monday 20 December 2010


I am completely in-love with these images...especially that lovely pink!

image 1 - sara hicks malone via decor8, image 2 - paule marrot {image source unknown SORRY!}, image 3 - miles redd

Thanks FFF!

Friday 17 December 2010

Norman Park House

The Art of Hanging guys do a wonderful job of hanging pictures...I think they almost die everytime they see a booking from me as they know that a cluster wall will be involved!

Every week for the last couple of months my lovely client has been visiting black & spiro picking up bits and pieces for her beautiful home. I was so excited when I walked into her wardrobe and saw all of our black & spiro shopping bags! When we first opened black & spiro 10 years ago we couldn't really afford to have the printed shopping bags so whenever I see our shopping bags now I smile!!

Look at this fabulous wall vase we hung on their cluster wall...I love this!

I've been trying not to post photos of the lovely jobs I've been working on lately as I am attempting to save them for our new black & spiro website which will launch in 2011. But, I had to share these photos of this job I have just finished working on as I absolutely LOVE it! It's so bright and so happy and so fresh and my lovely client {who has just been the best fun to work with} is thrilled...phew, nothing more wonderful than a happy client especially at this time of year!! One of my favourite things in this house is the multi-coloured vintage bentwood dining chairs we painted up for her. Enjoy your gorgeous house HB!

Thursday 16 December 2010


I am under the impression there are many, many people reading my blog on a day-to-day basis. I sometimes wonder why you read my blog. I ramble on about things I am creating for my shop and my clients and I talk very fondly about my family and the importance I place on creating a home. I talk about the things I love and I try to keep this place very happy and positive.

Over the years, I have thought about doing advertising here and donating all the proceeds to a charity but I really don't like the look of adveristing on blogs. It's just not my thing. I have also tried to think of ways I can help others through my blog. So I am really hoping that this post will help others. Here goes...

I recently met the founder of a Brisbane charity called Givit and what an inspiration she is. Givit connects people that have with people that need. Givit has a list on their website of all the things people around Brisbane are needing and if you have it or want to donate it then all you have to do is fill out the form on the website and give. I just checked out the list and today there is a teenage single mother who is fleeing domestic violence. She needs some bedding for a single bed, a cot with bedding and some general household goods. It's so easy to help. Just CLICK HERE NOW and you can see the list of things in need. The list changes constantly so keep checking back or you can just give anything to their virtual warehouse.

At the moment Givit is available only in Brisbane however, I believe they are just about to go national so everyone around Australia will soon be able to give as well. I will keep you informed about this.

I am going to give to Givit this week and I really, really hope you will too....


Tuesday 14 December 2010

A Beautiful Gift

I have been told I am hard to buy for. I am unsure why as there are so many things I love including books, beautiful soap, candles, flowers, old silver and table linen just to name a few.

I was recently given the most beautiful book from a friend. She is actually very clever as I remember saying to her quite some time ago I would absolutely love a copy of Cressida Campbell's book. Well, she remembered and over the weekend gave me the book for Christmas.

I could move straight into the paintings Cressida Campbell creates. I feel a connection with her work. I feel that she paints rooms and vignettes which have a real sense of the way we as Australians live.

I put her book on the top of the pile of books on my coffee table and everytime I walk past it, I smile. Now that is what I call a wonderful gift....the gift that keeps on giving.

Monday 13 December 2010

I Still Love Pink...

Last night whilst preparing the post about the birthday gift wrap dilemma, Harry was snug in my bed beside me watching t.v. and out of the blue asked me where the pink background had gone on my blog. I was surprised as I really didn't think he knew anything about my blog. I told him that I was a bit over it. He was disappointed {like many of you have been} and said "but mum how will we know that it is your blog as everyone has white blogs". I couldn't believe it. I had no idea he was so in-the-know about blogs! So, to reassure him and to reassure you here are a few little tidbits at home to show you and him that I still love pink and will do so forever but I just needed a little break from it on my blog for a while...maybe it will come back again in the new year.


Sunday 12 December 2010

Ivy & Piper Holiday Mini-Mag

The Ivy & Piper girls have been tirelessly working these past few weeks on their Holiday Mini-Mag which went live today. I was thrilled to be asked to submit my summer garden party table. I love the table Craig from D.I.G. created along with the feature on one of my favourite Brisbane stores, Jean Brown.

Here's one of the images of my table which didn't make the mag...fingers crossed this rain will stay away on Christmas Day as I'm hoping to put our Christmas table in this exact spot in our garden...xx

Suzani Stockings

Friday 10 December 2010

Pretty Vintage Chairs

Sometimes I find it so hard to let go of the lovely things I have at the shop. Today this chair and it's partner {there were a pair of them} left to head down to a beautiful client of mine in Melbourne. The fabric I used to cover the chairs in is so fun but it is now discontinued and never to be repeated again. Luckily I have this fabric on a piece at home too but I just had to post this picture so that I can look back and remember them. You probably think I'm a bit mad but this blog is about keeping a record of things I've done over the years so now I'll never forget these pretty chairs!!

Oh and just in case anyone is as crazy about that fabric as I am, we have 2 cushions made in it in the shop...we had 4 but 2 have already gone so that leaves 2 for some lucky person!!xx

Thursday 9 December 2010

An Allyson Reynolds for Christmas?

I've had many people email me over the years about my Allyson Reynold's moth painting. They are quite hard to come by but I just received an email from Doggett Street Gallery and there is actually 4 available in their 2010 Christmas as my friend Faux Fuchsia would say - run don't walk people...

Monday 6 December 2010

Black & Spiro Today

Here are a few little shots of Black & Spiro today which I thought you might enjoy. Our Christmas bonbon soaps seem to be a favourite amongst customers along with the candles I placed on the table for my dinner party which I posted last week. In our back dining room we have teamed a framed vintage blue and white Hawaiian tablecloth with a painted blue and white lattice-front sideboard...perfect for a beach house.

Friday 3 December 2010

Friday Flowers

Usually at this time of year here in Brisbane flowers in the house only last a few days due to our heat but this week my flowers have lasted 8 days and they are still going. I am impressed. It has been another hectic week with more jobs being installed, a couple of fun Christmas parties, Harry's 8th Birthday party at home last night, school break-up and still lots more to tick off the list next week.

For all of our lovely clients who have been waiting for our back rooms to re-open at Black & Spiro, they are open again. We had some terrible water damage in the rooms when we had that bout of rain a little while ago and also stock which sold faster than I had anticipated it would sell so I am pleased to say that the rooms are now looking beautiful again. Make sure you pop in for a visit.

Have a great weekend.