Thursday 30 April 2009

Friday Flowers {On Thursday}

I am posting my weekly Friday flower arrangement today {Thursday} as I am signing off a little early this week. I hope you have a nice weekend and I look forward to catching up with you all next week.


Wednesday 29 April 2009

Recent Project

We worked around the client's existing bed head above and just added the lamps and bed cushions.

Here are a few snippets of a house I just finished working on. We re-used a few of the client's existing pieces and added some new pieces and lots of pretty fabrics to freshen up the home.

Today I Love...

I love this green and white gingham slip covered armchair with the lace trim detail along the bottom hemline. Such a pretty chair sitting on my favourite white painted floorboards.

Image - Country Home via Mary Ruffle

Tuesday 28 April 2009

Happy Thought

Pretty House

Amanda posted this gorgeous house yesterday so I don't want to steal her thunder however, I do really love this exterior shot with the billowing sheer curtains. Isn't it gorgeous? You must go and see the rest of the house on Amanda's blog.

A Little Flower Arranging Spot

And just in case I didn't post enough images to get you excited about a flower shed yesterday, here's one more. Although I think this one is a little corner in a kitchen. I just love the mix of blue and white china, fresh flowers, old family photographs and the pretty little wall lights.

Image - House Beautiful via Mary Ruffle

Monday 27 April 2009

A Flower Shed

One day I would love to have a flower shed in which I could arrange flowers and store all of my vases and baskets and garden things. In my perfect flower shed I would have a large sink, a large work bench, lots of shelving and places to hang baskets and buckets. I would also have a pretty spot for some lovely old chairs where I could sit and drink tea with a friend whilst I contemplated my next arrangement!! I must get this book above called Shed Chic as I am sure it would provide lots more inspiration for my little flower shed.

Image 1 & 2 via Belle Maison Blog

Glamorous Times

Following on from my vintage fashion posters which I posted last week...

I am very inspired by the style and grace of these women. Look at the beautiful dress Grace Kelly is wearing in the bottom image. I just adore the green and white floral fabric it is made in. On another note, look at the curved banquettes which are made in white painted lattice. There is just so much inspiration in these beautiful images.

Image 1 -, Image 2 - Grace Kelly via Porchlight Interiors Blog

Friday 24 April 2009

Friday Flowers

Here are some flowers I arranged this afternoon for the weekend. Thanks for visiting me here this week and for all of your lovely comments!! See you next week.


Thursday 23 April 2009

The Artist

Yesterday I posted images of our new display at Black & Spiro in which we have a painting by a talented new artist we are representing.

Her name is Diana and she is a friend of my mothers. She has been painting on and off for years. She painted the painting below and gave it to us as an engagement present 8 years ago. She has been painting for family and friends mostly however, she recently decided she would paint a few of my vignettes.

A few weeks ago she arrived at Black & Spiro with the painting above of some pink peonies I had arranged in a blue and white ginger jar on the bench in our kitchen at home. I actually posted this image on the blog late last year and she loved it so much that she painted it. I instantly fell in love with the painting. One of our customers also fell in love with it and it sold on the very first day we displayed it.

Her second painting which I posted yesterday also sold on the very first day we displayed it. We are now awaiting delivery of painting number 3 with a couple of our customers wanting to be notified when it arrives.

Diana is so excited, as am I. I have always loved her style and I am just so thrilled that she has finally taken the step to allow me to have her beautiful paintings on display at Black & Spiro.

Diana gave us the painting above for our Engagement present and I have continued to love it over the years. I have it hanging in our kitchen at home above an old chest of drawers which houses my napery collection.

Wednesday 22 April 2009

Black & Spiro Today

Here are some photos of our new display at Black & Spiro. I am thrilled to have a painting by a new artist we are representing exclusively at Black & Spiro in the display. She will be painting some of my table vignettes in the future which is very exciting.

Catherine Martin's Vogue Living

I just received my copy of the latest Vogue Living edited by guest editor Catherine Martin {thanks for the heads up Amanda}. I am so excited about this issue. I have been trying not to open it up all day so that I can enjoy it without interuption tonight but it just keeps on beckoning me as it sits beside me on my desk. I think it's going to be one of the best issues of late.

Tuesday 21 April 2009

I Love...

I love this beautiful collection of things. Maybe I love it because there are some pretty blue and white pieces and pink and white pieces {my favourite} or maybe because the collection is just so imperfectly compiled. I'm not really into a big matching set of anything. Yes, that's why I think it appeals to me so's mismatch heaven!!


Image 1 & 2 via

Monday 20 April 2009

Black & Spiro Today

I finally had all of the beautiful vintage fashion posters, which I purchased in Paris last year, framed. Today I had them hung in a cluster on a wall in our new display at Black & Spiro.

We used a silver bamboo frame on the posters with a white matting board. They look so beautiful. We have a total of 16 available for sale however, I think I am going to find it very hard to let some of these beauties go!!

I will be posting more photos of the display later this week, once the new curtains are installed, so do stay tuned.

PS. Notice the aqua wall they are hung on. I told you I was into aqua at the moment!!

I have been asked to provide pricing on the posters by a few readers. They are all $340.00 except for the LV one which is $480.00. Thanks for your interest!! Oh, and if you would like to see the full set available please email me and I will email them all through to you.

Interchangeable Design

I think this Peter Dunham room above is divine. I love the wall colour. I love the mismatched artwork on the walls. I love the coffee table. I love the sisal rug which I feel grounds the room beautifully and I love the fresh pink Peonies placed on the coffee table.

It looks like Peter may have done a little redecorating when you compare the above photos of his room to the below photos.

Designers are always tempted by the most beautiful new ranges of fabrics and wallpapers. I know myself when I see a fabric in a new collection I can't live without I have a few cushions made in it for my sofa at home. I suppose for me, that's the wonderful thing about having a white sofa as it is so interchangeable.

Which way do you prefer Peter's room? The first way as above or the second way as below?

Sunday 19 April 2009

A Little Bit of Aqua

It seems I am inspired by touches of aqua. Scrolling through my picture files I notice I have lately saved quite a few aqua interiors as inspiration. I thought I would share a few with you.

Image 1 - via Interior Divine Blog, Image 2 - via Mrs Blandings Blog, Image 3 - via Patricia Gray Blog

Friday 17 April 2009

Friday Flowers

I just arranged these pretty flowers in a little blue and white delftware vase which was recently given to me by a lovely reader who came to Brisbane to visit Black & Spiro. What a lovely surprise it was to have received such a beautiful gift! Happy Weekend Everyone!!


Auckland Finale

We certainly had a great few days in Auckland and it's surrounds and we are excited to be heading back there later this year to discover some more beautiful places New Zealand has to offer.

One of the things I liked in particular was the architecture in the places we visited. Their attention to the details of their homes impressed me very much. I also loved the established trees which lined the streets.

Whilst watching my brother surf at Raglan, Harry presented me with this wild flower/rock creation he made to thank me for a wonderful family trip away. And it was such a lovely family trip away!!

Thursday 16 April 2009

Visiting Auckland - Part 4

My brother Nick lives and breathes surfing so on Easter Friday we hired a car and drove from Auckland down to Raglan which is world renowned for it's consistent left hand surf breaks. It was actually a sight for sore eyes as it was a freezing day in Raglan and my brother entered the water with no wetsuit {he had forgotten to bring one with him} - the only surfer in the water without one on! Onlookers couldn't believe he was going in. He caught a few waves and exited the water saying that it was the coldest he had ever felt but thrilled that he had surfed Raglan!

Raglan itself is quite a sleepy town but so pretty and remote. I think I could get lost in a place like this!

Visiting Auckland - Part 3

Taking a ferry out to Waiheke island is a must do when visiting Auckland. We arrived at this beautiful island after a 40 minute boat trip across Auckland Harbour. Upon arrival we jumped straight into a taxi which took us on a very short tour of the island before dropping us at Mud Brick Winery where we enjoyed a long lunch amid beautiful surroundings.

I particularly loved the houses on Waiheke. There are some extremely beautiful new modern homes as well as some gorgeous renovated beach cottages which New Zealanders call Bachs.

This house above was my absolute favourite house which we spotted on Waiheke. It was very hard to get photos of it as it is surrounded by the most beautiful trees and gardens. Can you spot the outdoor fireplace? It overlooks the beach and bay. I absolutely loved this house!! What is it about simple white cottages with black and white stripe awnings?! They get me every time!!

This house and the one below were right down on the waterfront with a pretty, narrow laneway in front of them.

Waiheke's beautiful vegetation is certainly what makes this island so special. As you can see from the photos I have posted above there is no shortage of beautiful trees and gardens. I think this place is heaven on earth!