Monday 20 August 2012

Black & Spiro Spring Flea

I am so thrilled to finally let the cat out of the bag! On Saturday 1st September we will be holding a very exciting Spring Flea Market on the front footpath at Black & Spiro. There will be lots of wonderful treasures to find including some special little paintings by Pip Boydell, jewellery and accessories including some amazing clutches and neon sparkly collars by Lulu Lucky & Ellen Newman, home-made cakes and biscuits, some fabulous vintage and antique pieces found here and in NYC, fresh flowers including some sweet peas from my own garden and also some other very special things we are offering which will make for bargain buying!

We hope to see you. The fun starts at 9am and will run through until 3pm on the first day of Spring!!

Thursday 9 August 2012

All Over The Countryside...

These colourful feet certainly have travelled some miles over the past few weeks with a few days in Melbourne spent hunting down special things for clients and Black & Spiro.  And then another road trip but this time out to the West visiting new clients and unearthing some wonderful and exciting new projects.

The weather was perfect out in the country earlier this week, and not only did I enjoy walking through some very beautiful country homes with their lovely owners, I actually enjoyed getting away from the city for a few days.  I know I always talk about a breath of fresh air but it was so nice to get out into the big wide countryside and smell that divine fresh, crisp Winter air!

Back at Black & Spiro the girls have enjoyed unpacking lots of wonderful new things which have been arriving this past week including these beautiful new throws and bed quilts.

And you should see the beautiful floor rugs which also just arrived this week.  Here's a snippet just to whet your appetite. I'm in-floor-rug-love!

At home we have been enjoying the bounty of fresh poppies our garden has been supplying us with.  I am sad that they are almost over for the season.  Their ruffling petals make me feel so happy.

And just in case you're interested we have a very exciting event hapenning at Black & Spiro in the coming weeks so make sure you keep checking back here on the blog and on my instagram feed for updates.  It will be something you won't want to miss!!