Friday 30 January 2009

Fabulous Friday

It's Friday and the best thing of all is that we get to sleep in tomorrow. Sleeping in is something I am very good at! See you on Monday.

Image - Rodney Smith Photographer

Thursday 29 January 2009

More Porch Love

Now let's try and get back to the pretty things....

I am completely IN LOVE with these porches and chairs. I adore the lattice in the top picture the most though!

For Like....Gone!

I don't usually like to post sad news here at ABT because I personally try to concentrate on the happy things in life and I try, as much as possible, to make ABT a happy, positive place for you my readers. But today is not a happy day. Today is a sad day and a day which I cannot let pass by without making my very small voice heard.

This morning I woke to emails from some of my lovely blog friends {Jo, Heather & Natalie} letting me know about the awful and I must say depressing news that Domino Magazine is finished....what we all thought was 'For Like Ever' is now 'For Like Gone'.

Each month, like lots and lots of people around the world I looked forward to my Domino subscription arriving in my mail box, albeit much later than my American friends...but always worth the wait.

In my opinion Domino has been a breath of fresh air. It has supported young, up-and-coming Designers and has been a magazine which has inspired me as a young Designer to think outside the square. It has offered Eco-Friendly Design, Budget-Friendly Design and overall I feel that it has offered achievable Design.

I spoke to Natalie Walton this morning {via email}, the Deputy Editor of Real Living Magazine here in Australia and I said to her I hope this doesn't start happening to our favourite Australian Home Magazines. Her response was interesting.....

"I think part of the problem with US mags is that they charge so little for the subscriptions – often only $1 an issue – that they’re really heavily reliant on advertising so when that drops they don’t have much room left to manoeuvre within their budget."

I agree with Natalie. I certainly think Domino was very inexpensive and I would have paid double, even triple the price for my monthly issue. Our Australian Home magazines range in price from roughly $6.00 to $10.00 an issue.

However, there really isn't anything we can do. I feel sad for the contributing Sylists, Writers, Photographers, Designers featured and Staff of Domino and I feel sad that these horrible times are taking away our small pleasures.

Good-bye Domino. You will be missed by many.

Image - Domino Magazine

Wednesday 28 January 2009

I Love Circus Tent Bathrooms

I know you've all probably seen these pictures before but I can't get enough of them. I have a very small {and I mean very small}, unrenovated bathroom at home and another unrenovated bathroom at the beach, one of which I would love to do in this day!!

Image 1 - Krista Ewart's Bathroom via
Domino via {I can't remember}.
Image 2 - Via Habitually Chic

A Pretty Porch

Wouldn't this be a lovely spot to while away some time...

Image - Country Home Magazine


**Reminder: Some days we all need a little lift so if you see someone you think looks really great today make sure you tell them as it will be sure to make their day...

Image Via Lolita via This is Glamorous

Tuesday 27 January 2009

.Happy List

I'm loving .Vanessa's new .Happy List much fun seeing what makes people happy. Vanessa has just posted my .Happy List today. Click here to see...

Image - Flickr


Today I adore these pretty photos styled by Chelsea and photographed by Nicole Hill.

Friday 23 January 2009


Have a great time this weekend wherever you are, whatever you do. It's Australia Day on Monday so I'll be back on Tuesday.

Thursday 22 January 2009

Talking About Diane Bergeron...

I received the most beautiful invitation from her yesterday to the opening of her very exciting new showroom in Melbourne. I just had to show you the invite which is printed on beautiful!! Oh and guess who is going to be the special guest????.....Michelle Adams from Rubie Green. Michelle is also coming to Australia to talk at the upcoming Decoration + Design Seminar Series in Sydney....can't wait to hear her talk.

Inspiration for 2009

We've all talked about Inspiration Boards before...they definitely aren't a new topic in Blogland! Probably like most creative people, I usually like to start each year with a new board to get myself inspired and excited about the year ahead. However, I have to be completely honest I haven't started my new 2009 board yet. My Black & Spiro Girls keep trying to nudge me to just put one picture on my humongous linen covered board in my office but I just haven't been able to do it.

Last night however, when I was looking at Diane Bergeron's awe-inspiring board I started to get in the mood. So, tomorrow I have some time free in which I plan to get started on my latest board and today's purchase {for Black & Spiro's new stock} of a very beautiful old circa 1900's Chesterfield sofa in original floral linen with box pleated skirting, will be just the thing to get me going.

I'd love to pose some questions to you, my readers...

What have you added to your inspiration board lately? What and who are you inspired by at the moment? What colours are you loving for 2009?

Pale Blue Fixation

It's becoming increasingly obvious {see posts below} that I am totally smitten with pale blue at the moment. I adore the blue painted floors in this house.

Wednesday 21 January 2009

My Mum's Favourite House

My mum has, for a very long time, loved this house on Mustique Island. She has numerous articles on it and books with it featured is her dream house, the house which has been the inspiration behind some past projects of hers and I'm sure it will be the inspiration behind some future projects...this one's for you mum!! xx

All images via Coastal Living

Tuesday 20 January 2009

And Talking About Soft Palettes....

I do love these vintage chairs Eddie recently updated....gosh he's a clever thing!!

All images - Eddie Ross

A Soft Palette

Last week I predicted a softer colour palette for this year over at Coco & Kelley's Crowning the Colour of The Year week. Here are some softly spoken rooms I'm loving and am inspired by.

Image 1, 2, 4 - House Beautiful
Image 3 - Shoot Factory

Monday 19 January 2009


Totalling loving these Summertime pictures and would love to be just hanging around like these cool people listening to this groovy song....

Sunday 18 January 2009

Black & Spiro January Window

Here's a little snippet of our Black & Spiro January window display. It's bright and fresh and Summery. This Cockatoo floral is certainly a current fabric obsession of mine. I'm very excited as one of my lovely clients has just approved my selection of this divine fabric for curtains in their sitting room....they completely and utterly love it too and can hardly wait for the curtains to be installed....I must say I can't wait either!!

Refreshed Invigorated & Inspired...

Hello again. How are you?? How was your Christmas? How was your break? I'm back from the beach feeling completely refreshed and invigorated. Over the last few weeks I have been preparing my thoughts for 2009.....writing notes and lists...getting myself organised for the year that lies ahead. I can't wait to share with you all of the lovely thoughts and ideas I have been gathering for Absolutely Beautiful Things....all in good time.....

I'm so excited to be back here. Thank you for your lovely emails and comments while I took some time away to spend with my family. A break away is certainly what the inspiration doctor ordered for me!!

Here's to an 'Absolutely Beautiful' 2009 for all.....

Thursday 8 January 2009

Peeking In....

I just had to pop back in to say hi and to check out a few of my favourite blogs. I've been having the most wonderful, restful holiday with my family at the beach. Being away from my computer for a couple of weeks has really done me the world of good!! But, I couldn't keep myself away any longer. Here are a few posts I've been enjoying today....

Cassandra from Coco + Kelley is hosting a 'Crowning the Colour of the Year' week which is so much fun....

Kimberlee over at Brown Button has just posted some great pictures of one of my favourite Noosa stores, Signature on Hastings....

Trina from La La Lovely just posted about a recent article on India Hicks in Cookie Magazine....always love seeing pictures of India Hicks' life....

And finally...

I loved this post by Courtney....

Well that's about it from me for the time being as I'm still supposed to be on a blogging break so I will have to keep myself away now until I get back on the 19th January. Hope you all had a great Christmas and do stay tuned as I have some beautiful things in store for you upon my return!!