Monday 30 April 2007


I love hanging lanterns in trees and when I saw this beautiful image I thought how gorgeous it is that they have mixed up all sorts of lanterns in one tree - I love this!! Usually I hang the same sorts of lanterns in one tree but from now on I am going to start mixing it up a bit. I have a beautiful pink/yellow Frangipani tree at home which I often hang lanterns in when we are having a dinner party outside. I can't wait for our next dinner party - I am going to do the Frangipani tree just like this!! Thanks once again Sarah Kaye for the inspiration!!

Sunday 29 April 2007

Pink & Yellow Week Ends...

Thank you to everyone who has so kindly contributed to Pink & Yellow Week this week. I am so surprised at the wonderful response I've had. You have all been so very encouraging and your continued support means so much. To all my new readers thank you for looking, I hope to see more of you and to all my old readers again I thank you for continuing to read. Also, I would like to extend another big thank you to Holly at Decor8 for listing me as Blog of the Week this week and also to all of the other wonderful blogs who posted about Pink & Yellow Week at ABT this week.

Thanks again everyone and if you're wondering the Colour Week series will continue so stay tuned!!

Oh and I must say that I LOVE the pink and yellow thank you notecard above from Blue Ribbon Design which I found via Design Sponge Letterpress Guide.


My Pink & Yellow Favourites

These 2 images above are my favourite images which emerged out of Pink & Yellow Week this week. It's funny that they are both via Jo at Desire to Inspire. I think she knows me all to well!! The bottom image is from De Gournay. I just love this particular De Gournay wallpaper, it's so bright and fresh and beautiful!!

Anastasia's Pink & Yellow Contribution

I love this pretty pink and yellow room which Anastasia posted on her gorgeous blog Anastasia Drawing & Dreaming.

Pink & Yellow in Nature

I just couldn't resist posting this beautiful image. Pink and yellow at its finest!!
Image courtesy of Flickr

Pink & Yellow Hawaiian Quilting

I love Hawaiian quilting and so I had to include this pink and yellow Hawaiian quilted cushion cover in Pink & Yellow Week!! Have a look on Ebay for some great Hawaiian quilts and cushions.

Pink & Yellow Notecards

Look at these beautiful hand made single edition screen printed notecards from Port2Port Press. I loved them so much I bought them but go and have a look at all of the other goodies at Por2Port Press as her beautiful stationery is to die for and the best thing is that she never repeats a design.

Pink's Pink & Yellow Contribution

Pink Mohair has sent me these gorgeous pink and yellow blythe dolls as her contribution to Pink & Yellow Week!! Pink has been a great friend from the early days of my blogging career and has the fantastic blogs Pink Mohair and Casapinka. Thanks for all your support and friendship Pink!!


Audrey's Pink & Yellow Contribution

Audrey Coggins from the fantastic blog Bijou Kaleidoscope sent through some images of the much talked about Semiramis Hotel in Greece which was designed by Karim Rashid. Look carefully at the picture above and you will see some yellow chairs on the exterior terrace.

Gypsy's Contribution

The gorgeous Chamara from Gypsy Purple sent me these images from Designers Guild as her contribution to Pink & Yellow Week. I love the collection of images at the top and the yellow door with the pink framework! Thanks Chamara for your pics!!


Betty Bowen's Pink & Yellow Paintings

Artist and Art Educator Betty Bowen sent this picture in of her painting Pink Yellow which works very well in Pink & Yellow Week.

Friday 27 April 2007

Happy Pink & Yellow Weekend

Well what a week it's been!! Lots of pink & yellow inspirations and lots of great reader interation. I've had SO much fun so far!! I'm going away for 2 days and I'll be back on Sunday night to do one last huge pink & yellow post so I would still love to see more pink and yellow pics if you want to send them in and I'll include them in Sunday night's big special post! Have a look down below as I've posted some more great pink and yellow things. I'll be back on Sunday night so stay tuned!!


Pink & Yellow from Stylecourt

Look at all of these gorgeous pink & yellow inspirations which I found on Stylecourt. When I first started my blog Courtney was my first big supporter and I have so much to be grateful to her for. I found her beautiful blog about 10 months ago and she inspired me to start Absolutely Beautiful Things. Thank you so much Courtney for supporting me since my very first post. You are a constant inspiration to me and a much adored blogging friend.

Erin's Pink & Yellow Contribution

Erin over at Life Abundant posted some special pink images for Pink & Yellow Week today on her gorgeous new blog. This one above was my favourite! Thanks Erin for the pics and the very kind note about ABT!!


Thursday 26 April 2007

Lots of Pink & Yellow Today....

Make yourself a cup of tea then sit and look at all the pink and yellow images I have posted today!! Enjoy!!


Pink & Yellow Magazine Covers

Some more pink & yellow inspiration above - pink & yellow Magazine covers!!

Pink & Yellow at Papilio

Polly over at Papilio has the most gorgeous door knobs and look at what she's put together for Pink & Yellow week. You must go and visit her gorgeous new blog. Thanks for contributing to Pink & Yellow week Polly!!


Pink & Yellow Suzani

Some beautiful pink & yellow Suzanis from Ebay.

Pink & Yellow Invitations

I LOVE these pink and yellow cherry blossom invitations from Paper Source!!

Peggy's Pink & Yellow Contribution

Artist Peggy Roberts emailed me this picture of her painting, Love as her contribution to Pink & Yellow week. Check out Peggy's other paintings on Flickr. Thanks for sending this one in Peggy!!

Pink & Yellow at So Sylvie

This gorgeous picture is from So Sylvie's blog. A little bit of pink and yellow in the vase!! Congrats Sylvie on your win at Better Homes & Gardens!

Pretty Pink & Yellow

These images are so pretty!! Raspberry pink and golden yellow!! I love the pink and white patterned dinner plate in the bottom image.
Pictures via Decor 8 blog.

Pink & Yellow Rug

Pink & yellow rug above at Suzy Hoodless. I love it's freeform geometric design and the colours look beautiful together.

Kym's Pink & Yellow Contribution

This is Kym's Pink & Yellow image via Designers Guild. A very striking example of pink and yellow and also some lime green too! Thanks for the gorgeous pic Kym!!

Pink & Yellow Couture Cushions

These were some of the pink & yellow couture cushions we had at Black & Spiro recently. They were so gorgeous and they went very quickly!!

And There's More...

Sarah Kaye

Sarah Kaye

Sarah Kaye

Sarah Kaye

Sarah Kaye

More great Pink & Yellow images above. Thanks Jo for sharing Sarah Kaye with me!!

Wednesday 25 April 2007

Emily's Pink & Yellow Party

It was my friend Sally's 5 year old daughter's birthday party today and we decorated the table in pink, yellow, aqua and lime green. It was SO gorgeous!! I actually had the tablecloths made for my son's 3rd birthday party a couple of years ago and we just sewed some gorgeous floral frills on for Emily's party today. Nothing like a bit of recycling!! We made the napkins in pink and white stripe which I tied in knots and then I placed them on each plate. The plates were some gorgeous painted tin plates which we only got a couple of days before the party from one of our wholesalers!! I think a fun time was had by all, especially the birthday girl!!

Isn't it wonderful that these pics work so well in Pink & Yellow Week!!

More Pink & Yellow