Saturday 31 July 2010

Happy Times

My beautiful dad.

The beach houses surrounding the house we stayed in. The agapanthus grows wild in front of these houses. I would love to see them flowering.

The gardens in this small sleepy beach side town are to-die-for.

Table set for Dad's Birthday lunch.

I spotted this cute beach shack when I was out picking flowers and loved it. In New Zealand I've noticed they paint many of their houses black and white which I love.

I had a bath in this huge clawfoot bath every day we were there. I love the little vintage butterfly prints on the wall.

When we eventually renovate the kitchen in our new house I definitely want to have a cabinet built just like this one which was in the kitchen at the beach house. It was so perfect for all the plates, platters, cups etc.

The beach in front of the house.

We've just returned home from a week in New Zealand where we celebrated my father's 60th Birthday. After spending a few days in Auckland we caught a plane down to Napier and drove down to a beautiful beach house my parent's have been frequenting over the past 12 months in a sleepy beach side town in Hawkes Bay. We spent 3 days here with my parents, brothers, cousins, aunty & uncle and our grandmother. It was the most wonderful holiday with lots of laughs, lots of tears and lots of reminiscing. Mum cooked an amazing lunch for Dad on his birthday. I went down the street and picked some gorgeous roadside flowers which I arranged for the table. It was the most amazing week away from work and the craziness of life. Happy 60th Birthday Dad. You are one in a million and we all love you so much.

If anyone is interested in staying at this beautiful house click HERE for details.

Saturday 24 July 2010

And More...

Stuart Membery and I before the guests arrived above.

Melanie, Kelly & I before the guests arrived above.

A better shot of the tutu desk.

Me speaking to our guests and introducing Stuart Membery...I look like I'm about to fly off the hot pink stool I was standing on!!

The store front before our 170 guests arrived on Wednesday night.

Melanie with some of our guests

Are you getting bored yet of my photos??!! Sorry! Here are a few shots of our re-opening party. I have lots more but I didn't want to post photos of my clients just in case they were not happy to be seen on the blog. Anyway, I am now taking a few days off. It's been a very hectic couple of months and I feel like I need to spend a few days with my boys.



Friday 23 July 2010

More Pictures

The back room which I have named the sunroom is proving to be a favourite amongst customers.

Above and below you can see the desk tutu which I designed for my office and my inspiration board too.

Melanie and I designed the lampshade wall light which has fabric both on the inside and outside and is suspended from a white painted bracket. This is in our new stairwell which leads from the shop to our design studio.

We now have a bedroom on display in the store as above.

Here are some more photos of the new store. I have a few more to come from my photographer which will be much nicer than these snaps I have taken so I'll post those when I get them. Thank you so much for all of your positive and kind comments. It certainly is a dream come true having the store look like this.

PS. A huge thank you to all of those amazing bloggers out there who have posted about our new store. You are all so kind!!xx

Thursday 22 July 2010

Black & Spiro Unveiled

Last night we unveiled our new store to our beautiful clients and friends. It was an amazing night and I was just so proud of everything the girls and I have created and accomplished over the last few months. Here are a few pictures above but I'll share more with you over the coming days. I must say I am so exhausted yet so, so excited!


Tuesday 20 July 2010

What's In My Pantry?

If you are at all interested in what I have in my pantry, then head over to Fashion Food Fatale HERE {I must admit, it's nothing glamorous!!}. Featuring stylish people from across the globe Elizabeth Clarke and Jane Walsh are the style gurus behind FFF. I have been enjoying their posts and musings on all things fashionable. I just wish my pantry looked as good as this one above but I have to tell you it is completely the opposite...shame on me!!

Sunday 18 July 2010

3 Days & Counting...

With only 3 days to go till our big Black & Spiro grand re-opening, I must say I am getting extremely excited about opening the doors again. Although it's been great operating the business upstairs in our new design studio, the girls and I have missed seeing our regular customers popping in. After what's been a crazy week, I've had a bit of spare time this morning to catch up on a few of my favourite blogs. I loved this image which Megan posted over at Beach Bungalow 8 of Krista Ewart's work as featured in House Beautiful.

Check back later this week to see lots of photos of the new store...

image -
krista ewart house beautiful via beachbungalow 8

Tuesday 13 July 2010

Seeing Red

I seem to spotting lots of red and white being used around the place at the moment. I love these red images above. Sorry my posts are going to be a bit sporadic over the next week whilst we complete the finishing touches to the new store.

image 1 via shelter blog, image 2 hgtv house via surroundings blog

Thursday 8 July 2010

Fabulous New Betsy Images

I'm sure this will be blogged about all over the blogosphere however, I absolutely loved seeing these new images of Betsy Burnham's work over at Decor Demon. She certainly is up there on my list of favourite Designers. Thanks must go to Ronda for finding this. Make sure you head over to Decor Demon to check out the rest of the images.

produced, written & directed by brian patrick flynn, styled by betsy burnham, photographed by sarah dorio

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Almost There...

Two weeks today our new store will be open. It's been a very hectic couple of months but I must say the new store is looking amazing. I can't wait to open the doors again. I thought I'd share a little sneak peek above to get you excited!!

Tuesday 6 July 2010


So fresh and so beautiful. I love this image!

Carolyn Quartermaine via Aged & Gilded

Monday 5 July 2010

Welcome To The Street...

What a lovely welcome we've had from the neighbours in our new street!! After the container arriving on the front foot path last week, I wasn't sure we would be the most popular people in the street however, I was wrong. Over the weekend we found a lovely card in our mail box from the neighbours next door and to my huge excitement this morning, Joy from over the road arrived at our front door with a humongous bag of fresh limes which she had just picked from her lime tree. I immediately pulled out one of the baskets we will be selling in the new shop, threw the limes in it and placed it on our dining table. What a nice feeling it is to be living in such a lovely, quiet street with kind people all around us!!

Thursday 1 July 2010

The Ship Has Landed

The 40 foot container arriving at the front of our house earlier this week.

I don't think our new neighbours could believe their eyes seeing us unpacking the container in the front of our house!

Here are a few of the pieces which I had to place inside our house as our storage facility is overflowing!

We've had a very exciting week with the arrival of our beautiful Stuart Membery furniture from Bali. I first visited Stuart at his divine home in Bali late last year at which time we put together a stunning collection of his furniture for our store. We are so thrilled to be launching Stuart's furniture in Australia at Black & Spiro on our re-opening night in a couple of weeks time. The quality of the pieces is outstanding and I must admit I am going to find it very hard not to keep a few things for our new house!! Stuart will be making a very special trip down from Bali to be present at our re-opening night and will also be in the shop the next day to talk to our customers about his beautiful pieces we are now stocking. We have lots of work to do in the coming weeks. I'll be sure to keep you all up-to-date as everything unfolds.


PS. Stuart's furniture will be available for purchase in our store from the 22nd July, 2010. For all enquiries, please call our office.