Tuesday 28 June 2011

Cute Max Side Table

I've posted about our custom made Max coffee table before but today we took delivery of this little Max side table which I had made for placement between 2 single beds in a client's guest bedroom.  I couldn't resist sharing this little beauty with you all. 

Thursday 23 June 2011

Exciting News

I am delighted to share some very exciting news with you all.  It has been a long time coming but I am always of the opinion that it takes lots of time, lots of thought and lots of planning to do something properly.  So here goes....

At the end of July/beginning of August 2011 {just over 1 month away} we will be launching our very exciting online store which will be called - Anna Spiro's Absolutely Beautiful Things.  Because I always like to be different, it won't be like a normal online store.  It is a unique concept which I have had in my mind for over 2 years and now it is finally going to come to fruition.

I will be keeping you all updated over the next few weeks as to when it will actually go live.  All I can say at this point is that once we go live you will have to be quick as the early bird catches the worm!!

Exciting times ahead.

The site address is - www.absolutelybeautifulthings.com.au


PS.  There will definitely be some 'Signature Spiro' things available to purchase like our beautiful pink cockatoo lamps which are made in the pink exclusively for us!!

Stay tuned....

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Fresh Tulips Fresh Window

It's always like a breath of fresh air when we install a new window display at Black & Spiro.  To celebrate our new window I bought some pretty fresh tulips which we have placed into one of a pair of blue and white vases we have on the table with a beautiful pair of lamps.  Good old Chiang Mai in blue and white makes a big appearance in the background.  I will try to post a picture from the outside of the shop too as the antique table which you can't really see in this photo is absolutely divine!!

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Disappearing Act

I am still here.  I promise I haven't performed a disappearing act {although sometimes I wish I could!!}.  Just been a bit busy.  My dear friend Soph has declared that she completely dislikes the word busy and I have to agree with her but it really does describe my life!!  Anyway, back to beautiful things....I have fallen head over heels in-LOVE with Joel Penkman's painting above which I spotted on Design Sponge.  I think I will add it as number two million five hundred and sixty two thousand on my wish list!! 

I won't make any promises but I will TRY harder to post some more lovely things this week!!


Wednesday 15 June 2011

Pale Yet Colourful

Sometimes I think people are under the impression that I only create very bright and colourful rooms however, this isn't the case.  I thought I would post this room today as it is one I recently finished for a client who wanted a bit of colour but also wanted a more formal and sophisticated look.  I love the palette we selected for this room and the curtains with the orange banding turned out just as I had hoped.  We worked with all of the existing pieces of furniture and just added cushions, curtains, lamps and recovered the ottoman.  It's amazing how these few things have completely changed/improved the look of the room.  Now we just need to hunt for a beautiful painting for behind the sofa...

Tuesday 14 June 2011

New VL & New Office

It's always an exciting moment when our 2 subscriptions of Vogue Living arrive in the mail.  We get 2 so that I can have one at Black & Spiro and 1 at home.  We received the latest issue today and I have to say that it is jaw droppingly beautiful!  My favourite story is on Chrissie Jeffery and her redecorated Sydney apartment.  I remember when her apartment was featured in VL the first time around.  She is extremely clever and very inspiring. 

Talking about redecorating, I recently decided that I don't want to sit at a desk anymore in my office at Black & Spiro so I removed my desk and I have turned my office into my very own lounge room.  I now sit on my Peggy sofa with my laptop on my lap.  It probably isn't the most ergonomically suitable situation but I love it and I feel so much more inspired.  Here's a little snapshot of how the room is coming together.

Hope you all have a great day!  I have a huge week ahead of me and I am determined to get through it with all things ticked off my list by Friday!

Monday 13 June 2011

Dare Yourself

I love this quote and after chatting with a friend today I thought it was perfect to post.  I dare you to dare yourself to do something out of the ordinary this week.  Do something you have been wanting to do for sometime.  Find the courage and just do it.  I am going to...

Thursday 9 June 2011

Fabric Loving

I took this photo at Black & Spiro before our sale last month.  The reason I am posting it is because I love the fabric we used on the antique chair pictured.  It's always so exciting stumbling across a fabric I haven't seen before.  It inspires me and gets me thinking about the possibilities of what I can do with it and what other fabrics I can mix with it.  Even though this chair has now sold I think I might need to have something else covered in this fabric...

Wednesday 1 June 2011

Thank you

Thank you Loni for featuring Black & Spiro in your latest issue of Adore Magazine.  There is so much work that goes into producing these online magazines and most of the time the team behind them is quite small so I would really like to encourage a round of applause for Loni.  Her latest issue is a cracker!!