Monday 17 December 2012

Conversations, Thoughts & Conclusions

Before I start I will warn you this is one of those long, drawn-out blog posts so just close me down now if you're not interested!!xx

Over the past week or so I've had some pretty inspiring conversations with a few people I love.  It seems that my recent 'missing in action' approach when it comes to the blog really isn't good enough and maybe just maybe some of you might be missing my chatter.  Sitting on a plane with 2 beautiful friends earlier this week talking about all things me and all things them it became quite clear to me that I have kind-of left you guys in the lurch here.  The ease and convenience of Instagram has taken over but I want you to know I am going to try harder to post more regularly because I think I have actually missed writing down my thoughts and sharing my passions here. That's not to say I will be back everyday but anything more than I have been doing will be better...won't it?

The days of my life have been very full this past year and the projects I have been involved in and the people I have had the great fortune of working with have made this year a wonderful one.  You know how there are great years and not-so-great years, well when this year of 2012 clicked into action back in January I was a bit worried about the months which lay ahead.  With all the talk of the economy and the negativity in the air, I wasn't so sure of how things would be this year.  If you didn't know, I am a worrier from way back {just like my father} but as one of my clients pointed out to me a few weeks ago the more you worry, the more successful you become because worriers think about every single little detail and in this profession, detail is paramount.

One of the most exciting things about this year has been the work I have done for clients in Sydney. To have people from afar ask me to help them with their homes is something which actually gives me goosebumps.  Sydneysiders have such talented Designers at their fingertips and for them to call me all the way up here in Pineapple territory is a pretty exciting thing!

 Having completed quite a number of projects in and around Sydney this year as well as still working on a few, it has made me think more and more about our presence in my favourite Australian city (besides Brisbane of course)!  Ideas are swirling and conversations are being had so watch out Sydney.  It may not be tomorrow but my sights are set.

One of the things on my to do list this year was our Black & Spiro website and unfortunately I won't be able to tick that one off before we move into 2013 despite trying so hard to do so!!  Don't you hate it when people say 'our website is coming' annoying!!  However, I am thrilled to say that it certainly will be up and running in the early months of the new year.  I am very excited about this website because it is really looking so beautiful and there are some wonderful new projects on it which will be very exciting for you all to see.

Sitting on my verandah feeling the bay breeze sweep away my tiredness from the crazy week that was I think about the holidays which are approaching.  I dream of days with no schedules, days of sun, surf, sleep and fun and in amongst all of that I will be finishing the first draft manuscript of my book which is due into Penguin at the end of January and maybe getting my thoughts together on a few new wallpaper designs because it seems that Porters want me to do another collection with them in 2013.

Busy times lay ahead but for now let's enjoy the Spirit of Christmas because as we all know it only comes round once in a year!


image 1 - Photo of coffee table top I arranged at client's house last week, image 2 - Xmas wreath at Black & Spiro made by Kara Hynes aka LuluLucky for Mr & Mrs G Bar.