Friday 22 December 2006

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Thank you everyone for all your support and all your wonderful comments since I started this blog. I am so encouraged by all of you. I have met some lovely blogger friends also in starting this which is something I didn't think about when I set out on this journey. I am now going on 2 weeks holiday so I won't be posting again until the 6th January upon my return from Hawaii. I hope you all have a wonderful, safe, relaxing and happy Christmas and New Year holiday and I look forward to hearing from you all and sharing ideas with you all in 2007. Take care and I will be back on line on the 6th of Jan with some exciting new things.

Summer Holiday Display at Black & Spiro

Well what a week it has been. Lots of house installations and lots and lots of work. I think my staff and my contractors are absolutely exhausted and me, well what can I say I am just so very tired and in need of some major r&r. Thank you all of you for all your hard work this year and in particular over the last few, very hectic weeks. You are all very special to me and you all help me make Black & Spiro what it is. Thank you!!
We finally finished up today for the holidays. Black & Spiro will be closed for 3 weeks....hooray!! Before we left I did a new summer display in the shop which I thought you might all like to see. The beautiful stripe fabric above which I have upholstered 2 old prayer chairs in is a Kenzo and the beach umbrella fabric I have hung on display in the front window is a special new release available from Cody & Clark. The shop looks fresh, bright and summery with still a few touches of yellow, the addition of some red and of course my favourite white. I hope you all like it.

Thursday 21 December 2006

Some Pictures of My Work

Above is a kitchen I have just worked on for a gorgeous client of mine, Elizabeth. It has taken us a year of planning to get to this point. We still have some work to do with some fill in bits and pieces but I just love it. We used a lovely cabinet maker here in Brisbane called Wyer & Craw. They really are the best in Brisbane. On the island bench we have used honed Marble and the cabinets are all hand painted with beautiful d-cup handles. Elizabeth and I went to one of my little haunts and found the gorgeous old lights which hang so beautifully over the island bench and also the beautiful French cage chandelier which hangs over the dining table in the dining room. The bits and pieces on the shelves in the kitchen are all some of Elizabeths favourite things including the beautiful little pear oil painting which her husband asked me to find for her birthday this year.
Once we finish the dining room and lounge room off in the new year I will post some more pictures for you all. I have used Ralph Lauren fabrics on 2 of the loose cover armchairs and scatter cushions and a beautiful Long Island lamp so stay tuned for more pics of this in 2007. If you want to see the kitchen in more detail click on the picture and it will show you a larger more detailed view.
Hope you all like it.

Some Pictures of My Work

I just thought I would show you all a couple of pictures of some of the work I have just finished. Above is a beautiful bedroom I had a hand in with the back feature wall covered in a beautiful Nina Campbell wallpaper I selected. The wing chair and ottoman is covered in a Mokum fabric and the drapes are made in one of my favourite drapery fabrics Lumiere by Mokum hung on an antiqued brass pole which was handmade by my gorgeous friend Peter Hungerford.
Back in a minute with some more pics...

Wednesday 20 December 2006

A Gift For My Friend

I recently gave this piece of artwork to my friend, Sally. I bought the old gilt frame from one of my little haunts and I had it painted in a matt white by my gorgeous decorative artist, Meredith. I then asked our graphic designer, Sabine to hand write a special quote by Albert Camus which reads;

Don't Walk Behind Me I May Not Lead
Don't Walk In Front Of Me I May Not Follow
Just Walk Beside Me And Be My Friend

She absolutely adored it. I hope she treasures it always.

Another Beautiful Miles Redd Scene

He really does do it very well. This beautiful scene in a vestibule outside a powder room has been created using a stunning Venetian mirror, custom de Gournay wallpaper and a collection of beautiful things atop a black painted bench seat. I found this picture on NY Social Diary's Decorator Series. My favourite blog Style court also featured Miles Redd today in her selection of her favourite published Interior Design projects this year. Miles your work takes my breath away.

Monday 18 December 2006

Inside Sheila Bridges New York Apartment

Sheila has used a bold statement in the entrance - Orange and White. I love it!!

An interesting feature in a hallway - small plates, small pictures and a mirror adorn the walls.

The beautiful dining room. I am usually not a fan of sage green however, this room looks so peaceful and calm. I love it. I also love the move from the green in the dining room to the blue in the lounge room. A really lovely contrast.

An interesting collection of pieces above on the Mantle.

A soft palette in the Main Bedroom.

Today I have featured American Interior Designer Sheila Bridges New York apartment as seen in the Decorator Series on New York Social Diary. I adore the use of colour she has applied, soft hues and striking features all mixed together to create an elegant yet eclectic scene. I also love her collection of things which she has placed effortlessly yet perfectly around the apartment.

New Toys at Hop Skip Jump

I just got my email tonight from Fiona Dalton letting everyone know that she has some new toys ready. I love Clara above. I have just sent an email to Fiona asking if she is still available as the other 2 toys of the 3 posted have already sold. I hope I get her!!! If you want to be notified when Fiona has her new toys ready subscribe to her blog and you will be one of the lucky people she notifies when she has new toys ready for sale. Remember if you want one you have to be very quick. Oh, I just got an email from her. Damn it, it looks like someone just beat me to her. I'll keep you all posted. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Back soon....

I just heard back from Fiona and lucky Clara is off to Paris, oh well. Wow, isn't that great that Fiona is sending her gorgeous toys all over the world. I can't wait for my next special Hop Skip Jump email.

Sunday 17 December 2006

My 2006 Christmas Wish List

For so long now I have longed for this Hermes Tea Set for 2.

Look at this beautiful French late 19th Century Giltwood simulated Bamboo square stool from The Country Trader. I love this piece. It would work so well in my lounge room. It would definately need to be recovered though in a beautiful fabric. I could imagine it being covered in one of Lorca's loud florals.

A beautiful French C19th Louis XIV mirror from The Country Trader - I would love to see this in a cluster with some other small mirrors and some small pieces of art.

I would love one of Catherine Swan's stunning paper butterfly artworks.

French & Country have 2 of these amazing Le Comptier de Famille timber based, iron candelabras. I really would love both of them to place on a long rectangular outdoor table in the garden for a summertime soire.
I'm sure I'm not the only person in the world who would love one of the beautiful Hermes woollen blankets. I would really like the pink and orange one as pictured above.

Wow, I love Candace Ang's jewellery which I recently found on Preppy Princess's blog. I would absolutely love this necklace.
I love these drinking glasses above from Anthropolige.
I think this chair from Anthropologie is fantastic especially the fabric. I would love to throw it into my lounge room.

Look at this beautiful Chrome & Crystal Chandelier by Italian designer Gaetano Sciolari Circa 1960 from one of my favourite haunts Mark Harrington Antiques. Sorry everyone, I just bought it last week. (I know it's supposed to be for Christmas!!) This is my Christmas present to myself.

I definately want to get my hands on "My French Life" by Vicki Archer available at Mary Ryan's bookstore.
I love Ginger & Smart and in particular these candles above.

This Smeg pink dishwasher is just continually on my wishlist. Maybe one day I'll get it when I have a spot to put it in.

Well this is it, My Christmas Wishlist for 2006. Unfortunately for my husband there are so many more things as well however, this is what I have been able to decide on for this year. Enjoy looking!!
Don't worry I won't be getting all of these things. These are just my dream gifts!!!

Saturday 16 December 2006

Wearstler Style

Photograph above as posted this week by my favourite all time blog Stylecourt from the January edition of American House & Garden (not available in Australia yet). This photograph is from the feature story on actress Chloe Sevigny's East Village home. How beautiful is this.?? The entire entrance above is wrapped in Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis wallpaper. I absolutely adore it. As you all know I am infatuated with Kelly Wearstler and her beautiful fabrics and wallpapers. I have had some cushions made for Black & Spiro in the same design as the wallpaper above. Please see below a picture of one of the cushions in my shop. Note I have placed these cushion on a charcoal linen Jardan Long Island loose cover sofa which I had contrast piped in white. (I use the Long Island sofa all the time. It is one of my all time favourites.) The other cushion pictured below is made in a Robert Allen fabric which I also think is fantastic.

A bit of Kelly Wearstler at Black & Spiro above.

A fantastic fabric I found at Redelmans which is a Robert Allen black and white Geometric. I love it.
Back soon....

Thursday 14 December 2006

Wonderful White

White, how wonderful it is!
The first house my husband and I bought (approximately 7 years ago) was an old Queenslander with huge wrap around verandahs and big trees all the way around it. Of course when we bought it, it needed alot of work as most Queenslanders do. We painted the entire house white including the original timber floors to everyone's horror. It looked amazing and not disimilar to the pictures above which I found in Domino Magazine and Elle Decor. Since painting my floor boards 7 years ago I have talked so many clients into doing the same thing and they all thought I was completely mad to begin with and then once they did it they were so thrilled. It certainly lightens up a dark space and breathes a whole new life into old houses.
I suggest a road paint or pavement paint for this application. Talk to your painter or hardware store about it or if you want to ask me any questions just ask me in the comments section below and I will answer back into this section.
Back soon.....

Find of the Week

I love this old counter which I think would be fantastic as an Island bench in a kitchen. I would paint it white and I would most probably put a white Marble bench top on it. This is my favourite find for this week from Salvage in Brisbane.

Tuesday 12 December 2006

A Beautiful Bedroom by Miles Redd

I absolutely adore this bedroom by American Designer Miles Redd. Notice the zig zag design carpet/rug and beautiful wallpaper. I'm not 100% certain what the wallpaper he has used in this room is however it is very similar to wallpaper designs by Fromental. I also love the frilled curtains and the hint of turquoise. Absolutely Beautiful.

Oh, and I really like that handbag on the turquoise stool at the end of the bed. Very chic!!!

Monday 11 December 2006

My Christmas Ornament Pick for 2006

This is my favourite Christmas Ornament find for 2006. They are the Kate Spade Larabee boxed set of 5 Christmas Ornaments. As I have told you all before we are unable to access Kate Spade in Australia however, I bought these on Ebay.

Saturday 9 December 2006

A Few of My Favourite Summer Things

I love this Geometric design Hurricane from Pieces in America. Not available in Australia but I still love it!! Very Kelly Wearstler.

These French red and natural striped quilts from French and Country would look fantastic in a beach house.

I love this Kate Spade beach basket. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, we cannot access Kate Spade's beautiful things in Australia. However, take a look at her website as I'm sure you will all be in love with her stunning pieces. I recently bought some of her things on Ebay.

I can imagine sitting on my verandah at my beach house in one of these large Hampton's style cane chairs with beautiful cushions and a great book! Chair available from my shop. Email me for further details.

I love these beach umbrellas by Succulent Designs. I found Succulent Designs a couple of years ago when I purchased one of their Red and White spot beach umbrellas. I have enjoyed it almost every weekend since I puchased it. Just last week my best friend Sally sent me a new Pink and White spot one which I have had my eyes on for quite a while now. I'm so excited I am taking it to the beach this weekend. Thanks Sal!!

Look at these gorgeous Shell Christmas ornaments, perfect for a beach Christmas available from My Island Home.

Beautiful cushions made in fresh David Hick's geometric design Moquette and Velvet fabric available for custom make at my shop. Please email me for details.

I love this Tory Burch beach towel. I discovered Tory Burch recently when I was in LA. She has the most beautiful things. The geometric fabrics she uses in her clothing have inspired me this year to use geometric designs in the fabrics I have been selecting for my shop and for clients.

Summer is here and it is nearly Christmas and most of us in Australia will be heading to the beach for the Summer holidays so I have decided to put together a list of my favourite things for the holidays.


Friday 8 December 2006

Maira Kalman & The Elements of Style

I have to let you all in on Maira Kalman. She is a very talented artist who illustrates children's books and has also illustrated a book I am very keen to get my hands on called The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jnr & E.B. White available via mail order from Barnes & Noble and yes they do ship to Australia. I have posted some pictures above of the illustrations Maira has done for the book. Absolutely Beautiful!!

Thursday 7 December 2006

This Month's Showcase at Black & Spiro

The front entrance to my shop.

I have a lovely pair of old Adirondack chairs in my shop at the moment as pictured above. I was so excited when I found them. They almost didn't make it to the shop. I was seriously considering taking them to my beach house. They are stunning pieces and incredibly the paintwork is original. I'll be very sad to see them go.
The coffee table pictured above is one of my vintage finds which was originally a kitchen table. Mike my handy man cut the legs off for me and 'voila' it turned into a coffee table. Mike routed out the top of the left over legs and I haved placed them on the round side table as ornaments or they can be used as candle holders. Love your work Mike.

Click on the photo above to make it larger and you will notice the wallpaper I have used on the back wall which is a Geometric wallpaper from the new Osborne & Little Vintage wallpaper collection.

I Love this black and white Geometric Caddy. I have 2 currently available at Black & Spiro.

A collection of beautiful things...

An old table at the front of my shop is filled to the brim with beautiful things and faux Christmas presents wrapped in gorgeous wallpapers with grosgrain ribbon bows.

Hi Everyone,

Today I thought I would show you some photo's of my current look at Black & Spiro. I am so into Black, Yellow and White at the moment as you can see.

In the shop this month I have used a mix of fabrics including some of the gorgeous Florence Broadhurst designs and some of Marco Romo's new beautiful cut velvets. Into the mix I have thrown a 19th Century French sofa, sisal matting and an old round table which I found at one of my favourite haunts, Michael Allen Antiques at Woolloongabba in Brisbane. Michael kindly painted it for me in a Porters White and immediately the table had a new life. On top of the table, which I have used as a side table, is a vintage Brass lamp with new custom made shade, some beautiful Antique child shoe lasts, some gorgeous white urns which I recently bought at Abbot Kinney in L.A, an old glass Wine Barrell, Shells which I recently bought in Hawaii and of course a pile of my favourite books including a small vintage book called The Observers book of furniture. I hope you all like it.