Sunday, 17 December 2006

My 2006 Christmas Wish List

For so long now I have longed for this Hermes Tea Set for 2.

Look at this beautiful French late 19th Century Giltwood simulated Bamboo square stool from The Country Trader. I love this piece. It would work so well in my lounge room. It would definately need to be recovered though in a beautiful fabric. I could imagine it being covered in one of Lorca's loud florals.

A beautiful French C19th Louis XIV mirror from The Country Trader - I would love to see this in a cluster with some other small mirrors and some small pieces of art.

I would love one of Catherine Swan's stunning paper butterfly artworks.

French & Country have 2 of these amazing Le Comptier de Famille timber based, iron candelabras. I really would love both of them to place on a long rectangular outdoor table in the garden for a summertime soire.
I'm sure I'm not the only person in the world who would love one of the beautiful Hermes woollen blankets. I would really like the pink and orange one as pictured above.

Wow, I love Candace Ang's jewellery which I recently found on Preppy Princess's blog. I would absolutely love this necklace.
I love these drinking glasses above from Anthropolige.
I think this chair from Anthropologie is fantastic especially the fabric. I would love to throw it into my lounge room.

Look at this beautiful Chrome & Crystal Chandelier by Italian designer Gaetano Sciolari Circa 1960 from one of my favourite haunts Mark Harrington Antiques. Sorry everyone, I just bought it last week. (I know it's supposed to be for Christmas!!) This is my Christmas present to myself.

I definately want to get my hands on "My French Life" by Vicki Archer available at Mary Ryan's bookstore.
I love Ginger & Smart and in particular these candles above.

This Smeg pink dishwasher is just continually on my wishlist. Maybe one day I'll get it when I have a spot to put it in.

Well this is it, My Christmas Wishlist for 2006. Unfortunately for my husband there are so many more things as well however, this is what I have been able to decide on for this year. Enjoy looking!!
Don't worry I won't be getting all of these things. These are just my dream gifts!!!


Style Court said...

Wow! Such great items. I especially love the Hermes blanket and tea set, and that gilt bamboo stool.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Wow, that chandelier is amazing! You lucky girl. You must have been a very nice girl this year...

Anna Spiro said...

Thanks Maryam. Oh, I am always nice!! No just joking!! I am very excited about my new light. Just not sure where I am going to place it yet, maybe in my walk in wardrobe as I have been craving a special light for in there.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

What a small world...I live in France, and to see antique dealers from Australia, (names I remember from my antiquing days at the international fairs here in France!)Susie is a good friend of mine, I met her once in passing, her shop looks amazing!

Anna Spiro said...

That is amazing Tongue & Cheek!! I will have to pass this onto Susie!! I love her shop and her things and she is such a lovely lady to deal with. So glad you have checked out my blog and thank you so much for the lovely comments. I hope to hear from you again soon.