Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Introducing Style Court

Wow, what a day it has been. One of my favourite blogs, Style court, just listed me on her blog today as a designer to watch and also listed some of the pictures I posted on my blog yesterday. Thank you so much Style court. Your support is greatly appreciated. Everyone check out Style court's blog. It is so beautiful and very inspiring.


Style Court said...

Thanks for the kudos Anna!

Anna Spiro said...

It's the least I can do. I look forward to posting some more things from Style court soon. I think you know how much I love your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

I am so very happy for you!! You are doing an amazing job with your business and I am glad to be back in the country to continue watching your success.
I look forward to buying a house so I can decorate it from your 'absolutley beautiful things' and everything else in your shop.

I will drop into the shop very soon.
Love Soph

Anna Spiro said...

I'm so glad you're back too. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. Keep checking it out as I am posting pretty much every day.
Can't wait to see you next week!!