Thursday, 3 October 2013


I'm writing from here {above} today.  Such beautiful light in our studio this morning!!  Anyway, back to what I want to tell you about!

October is always a big month in our family.  It's my birthday on the 3rd, my soon-to-be sister-in-law's birthday on the 7th, my grandmother's birthday on the 11th and my husband's birthday on the 13th! Celebrations galore!!

But this October is going to be the biggest of all because we have 3 fabulous things planned for you here at Black & Spiro.  The first event is next Saturday 12th October but I can't tell you the details about it just yet.  However, watch out next Monday 7th October as I will reveal all.  You will be very excited about this one, I promise!!

The 2nd event is a collaborative art exhibition which we will hosting here at the store called FLOWERS.  Opening night is Thursday 17th October and everyone is welcome.  Come and joins us!  Pip Boydell with be showing her latest pieces and let me tell you they are AMAZING.  Sydney Painter Bridgette McNab along with Jenny McCown and Linda Sheppard will all be showing pieces inspired by flowers.  If you are looking for a little piece or even a big piece to fill a spot then this will be the perfect event for you!!
The 3rd thing is also one I can't share yet.  However, it will be happening in the last week of October and I think it will be something you will all be very happy about....especially our customers from interstate!!

So keep your eyes peeled and your ears open this month as we have lots for you all to enjoy!


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