Monday, 21 October 2013

Black & Spiro News


I forgot how great it is to clear the decks!  Our store room is nice and spacious again after what seemed like a 2 hour crazy hurricane in the shop last Saturday morning at our 1 day sale.  I was very excited that almost everything went and since that crazy day, we have been able to shape up the shop and give it a bit of a face-lift with some beautiful new things.

Olivia and I were so inspired last Tuesday night that we stayed back into the dark hours of the night creating this wonderful wall of tear sheets in the store.  It has created much interest and chatter in the shop amongst our clients and customers.

Last Thursday night we opened our 'Flowers' art exhibition.  Divine flower paintings line our walls by Pip Boydell, Bridgette McNab, Jenny McCown & Linda Sheppard.  If you haven't popped in to see them I invite you to do so as they really are so beautiful and they certainly add a lovely layer to the store!  The exhibition will run for another 3 weeks.  I will be sad to see the paintings go!

Look at these very special new cushions we have in the store made from antique textiles.  I am in-love with every single one of them! 


Another new addition in the shop is our beautiful old circa 1920's piano.  We encourage anyone who comes in to have a little play if they want including your children!  We love having it in the store and we are thinking we might have a few Christmas carol Saturday morning sessions leading into Christmas!

In project news, later this week the brand new Buzz restaurant at Gas Works will be opening.  We provided the full concept for this new restaurant and we are so excited about unveiling it!  I will post some pictures here soon I promise!!

See you soon.

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