Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Heirlooms & Treasures {A Post by Felicity}

Heirlooms and Treasures by All Things Bright and Beautiful

Here are some of my mother's treasures, which I photographed when I was home last time - there are some more here too. Even though we have little space and they wouldn't really suit our minimal-ish, white, "art gallery" styled apartment, it doesn't stop me from kind of wishing we had more heirlooms here with us in Hong Kong to remind us of home. Family treasures suit any kind of decor really, don't they? Mementos we do have here with us include some of my mother's silver and my grandmother's occasional chair. Most of our other treasures (not that we have a whole lot:-) are in storage back in Australia. What family treasures do you have that you display to remind you of people you love?

Hugs Bugs!!


Jan Maree said...

I L O V E that photo!

Unknown said...

wow, what a surprise! how lovely reading you again. I miss your blog so much!

Ruth said...

Gorgeous! I love the colors!

I dont have many family treasures either, but there is this tiny dainty gold watch my mom used to put on which I am lusting after. I'd display it on my wrist always! haha.

Miss your blog!

Anna Spiro said...

Oh Felicity, I absolutely adore this image! Such pretty, pretty things! It's so lovely to have you here on ABT!

Unknown said...

A little bookcase from my parent.
And and old trench from my mother.

Mandi said...

Thanks Anna for having Felicity over again.....she has a good friend in you...the heirlooms are divine and soooo pretty....i aquired a beautiful plate that belongs to my son-in-laws grandmother that he didn't want and was going to put in the bootfair...needless to say I wass lucky he said I could have it....will try ro get pics up soon....thanks to you both Mandix

muralimanohar said...

Oh, how wonderful to "see" you, Felicity!! :D

I love your pretty. It's hard to imagine you DON'T have an apartment filled with such pretty things!!

I, personally, have none. Between all of us, my parents, my sisters, and my little family now, we have all moved SO much throughout my whole life, that very little has survived. My mom has a couple little things, and the family photos..other than that, not much left. :(

Sharnel said...

Felicity, this photo is just divine!
I don't have any family treasures, but i've started my own little collection that will be passed down to my children. I've collected a sweet silver heart shaped bon bon dish which is my favourite.
Love seeing your guest posts here too.

LoL7o7 said...

Hi Felicity
Your photo is nothing short of 'charming'. Love it. I lust after a tea set my parents recieved for a wedding gift. I have lovely childhood memories of my mother getting them out when special guests visited.

la la Lovely said...

So nice to hear from you Felicity! What a beautiful picture. Family treasures are the best!
xx Trina

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Hi Miss Felicity! Still miss you. So glad you found that post to link to from "back in the day." {sigh}

I love your treasures. And your grandma's chair! I have a few treasures from my grandparents from their travels around the world. They collected all sorts of things from Thailand and I have a chinoiserie chest that I never liked as a kid but now I think is really beautiful.

So good to see you here.

PS. Great idea, Anna!



Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

what a beautiful photograph. though it's not an heirloom, i wear one of my grandma's gold bracelets on a daily basis.

dandeliion said...

Those are beautiful :)

Sandra Evertson said...


Jennifer Gifford said...

How wonderful to have such special things representative of the people and places in your life.
I love displaying things my daughter Neve has made including a portrait of me. I also have this beautiful silhouette of myself that i sat for at the local show when I was 12. My mother bought for me, she says its a great mix of both of us as it's quite ageless. Thanks Felicity From Jenny G

Anastasia said...

Hi Felicity...beautiful photo of your treasured like you though, i dont have too many things on display, actually most of the family heirlooms like silverware are at my parents home as well...maybe they dont trust me or my sister with them yet?
i do have my grandmothers velvet purse from the 50' it!

rochambeau said...

Dear Anna,
Thank you for posting this by Felicity. YES!! It's important to have touchstones to remind of of the people we love!

Felicity if you are reading this.....I tried to email you. When you have time will you please email.
Thanks Anna and Felicity.
Hope you are both well.

Oliveaux said...

Hi Felicity, Your photo's are gorgeous. Really enjoying your posts! Amanda x

LillyB said...

My grandmother made the bowl and picture on my tablescape located on todays blog! I love it and think of her everytime I look at it. I know it is big, but I move it around to different places when I decorate!
Your pictures are beautiful!!

Style Court said...

felicity -- you are a fan of carolyn quartemaine, right? you could emulate her and use these treasures in a minimal white setting :)

Anil P said...

Like you rightly said, family treasures suit any kind of decor. Memories associated with them gives the place special meaning.

University of Iowa Meg said...

I actually have an end table that was hand made my father's best friend. It is simple....plain even...but wonderful. I cherish it very much.

Essential Oil Premier University said...

Wow, what beautiful, vintage treasures these are.



Villa Anna said...

That image is heavenly!! I adore family treasures and heirlooms and have collected many beautiful things over the years. Alot of my great aunties give me all their china as their own children have no interest. I say bring it on! lol

Anna :)

Unknown said...

it is so nice to have you back in the blogosphere Felicity! I've missed you :-(

Your Mum's treasures are gorgeous.


PS my treasures are in storage in Oz too. But I am quickly collecting more treasures while I am here it appears! i can't help it, those French flea markets are always calling my name.

Linnéa said...

beautiful <3<3<3

blah said...

Janmarre - thank you and thank you for being the first one to comment on this post :-) :-)

Vintage + chic - lovely to hear from you - I miss ATBAB too - I'm reading your blog tho too :-)

Ruth - Hugs to you bug and I look forward to seeing your mums dainty watch one day - pop a comment on ABT if you happen to put a picture on your blog ok :-)

Sharnel - great idea to start collecting treasures for your children :-) I'm trying to convince DY I need to start that for my children - in the form of jewellery :-)

Lolita - just popped over to say hi on your blog:-)

Trina - lovely to hear from you :-) - I couldnt agree with you more :-) esp when you live far from your family.

Melissa - would love to see your Thai chest one day - hope you'll post on it soon.

I am so impressed that you have managed to move all your previous
posts over to the new site. Lovely to hear from you - you know that tho :-)

Anna - its lovely to be here:-) - thank you so much for having me.

Karina - do you wear your mums trench often?

Mandi - looking forward to seeing the pictures :-)

Murali - LOVELY to hear from you - Hey don't worry about not having too many family treasures - people are really what's important - non?

Emily - Grandma's gold bracelet sounds beautiful - I had some of my grandma's jewellery but were burgled. Makes me sad just thinking about it.

Michelle and Sandra - thank you! :-)

Jenny - Neve is a lovely name for a little girl - I tried to pop over to you blog to say hi last week but the comments are off.

Anastasia - Lovely to hear from you - hope you'll post your 50's purse one day on your blog :-) - I'm a big fan of vintage purses.

Constance! Ive been thinking of you - I'll pop over now. Lovely to hear from you :-)

Amanda - thank you! (Said with twinkly eyes) - I'm really enjoying yours too:-)

lillyb - I'm heading over right now to have a look at your grandmas treasures :-) thanks for dropping by to say hi :-)

Courtney - - You're right -(I'm impressed you remembered :-).
PS loved your place in Domino too.

Anil - you are so right - I couldn't agree more:-)

Chinatown meg - handmade makes things even more treasured don't you think :-)

Cher - thank you - lovely to hear from you:-)

Anna - I KNEW you'd love this picture :-). I say bring it on too :-)

Pia - always lovely to hear from you. I am so looking forward to one day when we do go home, to open up those boxes of stored treasures ( which I'm sure I've forgotten half of them!) and so are my parents and in-laws - they'll be pleased to get those boxes out of the shed/house!!

cara said...

What a beautiful picture and beautiful objects (oh how I've missed your photos Felicity, do you ever put any on Flickr?).

I love the colours and the 'antique shop' feel to the little collection, it reminds me of the very best kind of small antique shops that I get lost in for hours.

And it's not just your photos I miss, I miss you too. It gave me a little thrill to see you here on this delightful blog.

blah said...

Dear Cara, lovely lovely lovely to hear from you :-) and hugs to you girl. Listen - your blog is looking fantastic - I loved your wedding and esp your peonies in the metal milk jugs - super cute and the big pink peony pictured on its own is beautiful.

Hugs and smiles


{this is glamorous} said...

What a beautiful photo, Felicity! You know, quite surprised that you live in a minimalist white space . . . would have definitely thought very colourful and maximalist :)

Hope you had a lovely weekend.


blah said...

Dear G,

lovely to hear from you.

I'm a colourful maximalist at heart in minimalist white with loads of bright paintings and splashes of colour.

Its a small therefore restricted space so it has to be (relatively) minimal ie lounge contains one white leather chaise longue, one inherited antique grandmothers occasional chair and one small flower painted tibetian cabinet. And 3 paintings

I also forgot to mettion - on occasions - 1 mini red fire truck and 2 scooters and 2 doll strollers:-)

cara said...

Thank you! I can't tell you how much it has made me smile to find you here and to hear your sweet words about my blog and our wedding, oh my! And you were right in every way when you said that the wedding should not matter too much, that every day after that was what was important. The wedding was lovely but the marriage is heaven!