Thursday, 16 October 2008

Guest Post by Felicity

Image: "Reach for your wings" by All Things Bright and Beautiful

As my first guest post on Absolutely Beautiful Things - I'd like to use it to help to make a little bit of change in the world. Yesterday was Blog Action 2008 - Poverty Day where bloggers were asked to unite and promote awareness of world poverty ☺.

How you can help?........Corine of Hidden in France has promised to donate one dollar per comment to Kiva a person-to-person micro-lending website, which aims to alleviate poverty by enabling people to lend directly to small enterprise entrepreneurs in the developing world. My Notting Hill and Catherine, last years winner of Domino's Decorating contest, have also offered to match the number of comments (in dollars) - up to fifty dollars.

I've been a bit naughty and have commented - 3 times now! :-) Even if you can spare one comment - I'm sure they will all add up. To comment and contribute, see Corine's post "Poverty (mine)".

Hugs and smiles and it's lovely to be back here with you☺.Felicity


Unknown said...

Anna, as you have comments moderation I wouldlike to ask Felicity to publish a thing she sent me a time ago, when she close her blog I did not feel ok publishing it,i need to know if she is ok with that.
Please do not show this comment, I will leave another than anyone can see.
I like your blog!!

Unknown said...

Hi Felicity, I am so clueless I though that I can just leave one comment.
It is a pleasure seen your photos again, I have your old post archived and I read them some times.

corine said...

Felicity, where are you silly girl? We LOVE you!!!

janet said...

Lovely to have you back!

Kathleen said...

Welcome back. It is so good to hear your voice again. I was one of those worrywarts who had wondered if I could try to be Nancy Drew across the planet if you needed help. (I know, a little crazed)
Happy to know you'll be here on one of favourite blogs.


Big givers live in the blog world!

Sofia said...

Welcome back!
We missed you,


Jennifer Gifford said...

Hi Anna I was hoping to get some help and advice on starting my new Blog Crepe Myrtal. I believe Felicity once posted some helpful tips but as her blog no longer exsists can you give me any tips? Espescially about posting pictures. I have heaps saved for my slide inspiration on my PC but can't remember all their origins I want to use them but don't want to upset anyone by not referencing their work. Can you suggest anything. Jenny

Style Court said...

Felicity -- thanks for sharing this project with us.

Swoon with Deb Hodge said...

I'm in love with those wings, and love to help those in need.

Brown Button Trading said...

Beautiful Post Felicity - and for a good cause! - I too have a "comment for a cause" at my blog this week for Blog Action Day - I will give $2 for each comment made on my Blog Action Day post to World Vision until Sunday. xxxx

Karena said...

Felicity, you and Mrs Blandings plus all of my other favorite bloggers made it possible for me to forge ahead with my own blog site! Thanks to all of you wonderful, talented, creative, people!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

What a happy surprise to see you here Felicity! I miss you, BFF! xoxoxo

Irene said...

So nice to hear from you again. Isn't blogging incredible? I can see three of my favorite beauty chasing bloggers mentioned in one post. Wow!

blah said...

Karina - you gorgeous woman you. It is lovely to hear from you - I'll pop over and say hello on your blog - a big hug to youXOX

Corine - Love you too and loving your blog and good on you girl for doing this and I hope Ive not put your household into recession over it:-):-)

Janet - hugs to you and thank you and a smiles with twinkley eyes for you too.

Kathleen you are way too cute. You know my biggest and hugest regret is, if I could turn back time I would have posted a "I'm ok but this is why I'm taking the blog down" post before I took it down - I am sad that I caused concern and thank you for caring and thank you to everyone who cares and cared.

Liberty Post - big givers live in the blog world I totally agree - we should do MORE!!! :-):-) Let's change the world! I'm up for it!! :-)hugs bug:-)

Sofia - I must email you - I took a couple of super cute shots of miniatures here in HK and thought of you :-)

Dear Jenny, I'm excited to hear a new blog is about to be born:-) - careful - its addictive!! :-)

blah said...

PS. Just wanted to mention that in the spirit of Bloggers Action Day for Poverty, Oliveaux at


is donating 2 dollars for every comment on her post there above to Nakuru Baby Orphanage in Kenya you've go till this coming Monday 20th Oct to comment:-).

There are some good people out there you know :-)

Brilliant Asylum said...

We have missed you Felicity!

felicity said...

Dear Courtney - lovely lovely lovely to hear from you - and my pleasure to share things like this :-) - I should do it more :-)

Deb - love your picture up there, it makes me smile :-)and - I am totally with you on your comment :-)

Kimberlee - I'm heading over there right now to comment :-) thank you so much for letting us know :-)

Karena, hugs bug and I know what you mean - I'm so grateful to people who encouraged me at the start. Happy blogging:-)

Miss Melissa - a big squeezey hug to you. Miss you girl and think of you often.

Irene - you make me smile - thank you - HIF and NH are great blogs with big hearts aren't they :-) :-)

Dear Brilliant Asylum, hugs bug and thank you and every time I see a beautiful dressing room I think of you, you know :-)

Meander said...

what a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing. I adore the image of the wings as well.
Have a divine weekend!

Oliveaux said...

So lovely to see you here Felicity! Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. Amanda x

Charlie said...

I am so happy that you are on the other side that I don't know what to say right now. Hugs! Welcome back and please don't ever scare me like that again! :-) You have been missed!!

Caesar Beezer The Wonder Dog said...

You should warn your readers that they need to wear bibs while reading your blog - to catch the drool! Yes, I'm drooling - over your fabulous pictures - thanks for the "escape" - now I'd like to torch my house and start over! What a FUN blog - I'll be back! (Oh, Google/Blogger only lets me sign in with my dog's blog address...yes, my dog has a blog...but I have one, too, it's

Alkemie said...

It's so good to see you back F :) Hugs Bug.

Karen ^_^

katiedid said...

So nice to see you in blogland again Felicity! Always lovely, always inspiring. :)

blah said...

Sorry - that was me up there not signed in properly - as "Felicity

Dear Meander - the wings are very cute - - we have four sets 3 mini and one grown up - for me - tho I haven't worn them yet :-)

Amanda - my pleasure :-)

Charlie - you are way too cute - thank you and I promise not to give you heart failure again
Caeser - you make me laugh with our dogs blog :-)

Karen - I send you a smile and a hug and loved the photos of you and your honey on your blog:-)

Katie - thank you! Same to you, you know :-)