Wednesday 9 January 2008

Dana's Home

Dana emailed me late last year with a link to her new blog Blush & Flax. While I was scouring through her gorgeous site I stumbled across these pictures of her own home which I had to share. The house looks so serene and peaceful due to the monochromatic colours she has selected and I must say everything has been very stylishly put together. I love the collection of candlesticks on the dining table and the gorgeous little bristle woodland figures.
Dana's brief description about her home as below;

"We bought a old 1830's Greek Revival Parsonage to a Church in Aug 2001. We did most of the renovation of the old part of the house ourselves. The main house was structurally fine but had a bad addition put on in the 50's that connected the main house to the barn near it. In July 2005 we started a major structural rebuild of the barn and addition. We added 2000 sq ft to the house on the same footprint. There is still more work to do, but we moved in on Nov 2006. I'm still decorating with little pieces. The kitchen center island was custom made with old chinese elm doors...they even have nail holes from the fixtures. The kitchen counter is NOT stained but of the original color of wood, called "African Walnut" - just sanded and oiled. The bathroom has one of my favorite old mirrors. You really can't see yourself in it but it gives a nice feel to the bathroom. The stairs in the hallway are covered in a old mangle cloth I got from ebay seller called loodylady in england. I re-upholstered the brown chairs and the couch is slip covered in oatmeal linen. I collect old lighted globes because I love the light they cast at night. It's warm, romantic and different. The coffee table is made of old Chinese doors and was made by Vivian Kimmelman at Berkshire Home and Antiques."

I hope you enjoyed seeing Dana's gorgeous home as much as I did and that pristine snow just sets off the whole thing don't you think!! Thanks for opening up your home Dana and I can't wait to see more pictures as the house evolves!!


Melanie said...

Just thought I would come out of lurkdom and let you know I love reading your blog and I absolutely love the pictures you choose and wish I could possible have one of everything in them, all set up exactly how the picture looks:)
Thank you for such inspiration and a great read.

Anonymous said...

This home is wonderful, and so are the photos. I will have to check out her blog.

blah said...

Anna! Welcome back!!

I can see I have a little bit of cathcing up to do!

AS well as her home - I love the photography!!

Blush is certainly one talented lady!

The Houseplant Chronicles said...

I love your blog! You have great taste and beautiful pictures. I hope you visit my blog and add it to your list. I went ahead and added you to mine. Thanks for the inspiration! You rock! : )
Take care!

Adla said...

Such a beautiful home, the 'white house' looks so pure surrounded by the snow. Gorgeous! And the island/ breakfast something I'd like for my kitchen if there just was space!

Bexy said...

of course this is a fabulous house but what really appeals to me are the angles that the photos are taken from. when i try to take photos of my little flat they never seem to do it justice. i shall nab these composition ideas and have another go.
i just wish i'd seen these before our christmas decorations came down! ~ it's an awfully long wait for next december!!!
great post ;)

Kristin said...

I agree, Anna, this is a beautiful home! Thanks for finding and posting these inspiring pics!

Jennifer said...

I love this home and would move in in a second! It looks so tranquil! I particulary like the use of cloth on the stairs. Lovely, and suits perfectly. Thanks for sharing, Anna.

cassandra said...

so peaceful! and i agree with the rest that the photography is amazing, which always helps. i especially love the arrangement of the candlesticks on the table as well... i've always loved a worn in wood with the mercury glass. such a great contrast and so warm!

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Melanie - thank you for your lovely comment - so glad you came out of lurkdom!!

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Felicity - thanks for the welcome back!! Yes Dana's photography is gorgeous isn't it!! I must ask her how she does it!

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Mina, thanks for your kind comment! I've added a link to your blog on my blog roll!

Anna Spiro said...

THanks everyone for your great comments - I'm so glad you all loved this home as much as I do!! And I agree with all of you - Dana's photography is gorgeous!

pve design said...

What an idyllic setting, photos, light!
Exudes a natural -restrained chic!

Dana said...

Wow geez Anna, who knew your posting would bring so many comments! Thank you everyone. I will update Anna and my blog with more photos as soon as the other rooms are done. BTW the photos were taken by me! I have more homes of friends to take photos of, so check in soon!


(I'm not sure if that is appropriate but oh well my husband is English and he always ends with that)

Unknown said...

What a beautiful house!!

Uncle Beefy said...

I wish I could edit like that! It's relaxing just looking at the can imagine if you were there for tea? Heaven!

Wonderful, wonderful! :)

cotedetexas said...

Gorgeous. Color me green with envy!