Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Cakes & Flowers {A Post by Felicity}

When I saw Vicky Crease's beautiful work on South African blog Anything Goes I thought she would be perfect for Absolutely Beautiful Things and when I saw her quote in one of her press articles .......

"I love to bring people joy"

I smiled and knew I had to contact her.

Vicky is a South African based cake artist and events coordinator who has created and styled events for Nelson Mandela, South African President Thabo Mbeki, Tiffany's of New York and Richard Branson. Here's a couple of questions I posed to her as well.........

Vicky, what project are you currently working on?

Amongst others........
Christmas at Cartier,
The Twelve Apartheid Heroes Gala Event for 800 guests,
the Reserve Bank Governors' Awards Ceremony;
and Miss South Africa.
Also lots of events for the FIFA Soccer world Cup in 2010

What is your favorite event that you have created for?

1. Nelson Mandela's birthday Cake
2. The Launch of Cartier
3. The Launch of Virgin Money in South Africa
4. A private dinner party for Celine Dion

What's your most popular cake that you make?

Definitely the Death by Chocolate double chocolate fudge cake with a decadent ganache icing, topped with a mass of fresh roses and drizzled with icing sugar.

What's the best thing about of living in South Africa?

The sunny skies, great climate, deliciously diverse food, fabulous South African hospitality and the fact that there are no rules within a design framework, thereby allowing you to express your creativity freely. Also, my fabulous family.....

What are 3 of your favorite fashion/homewares boutiques in South Africa?

My sister's store "Life" in Sandton for rare objects and stylish homewares,"Wizards" in Hyde Park for great fashion pieces and"Woolworths" for everything else (food, clothing, body products, linen, towels etc.)

Thank you so much for chatting to us Vicky, I'm sure Absolutely Beautiful Things readers would agree, your creations are works of art.

All Images Vicky Crease


Brown Button Trading said...

WOW Felicity - this woman is amazing!!! So jealous of the projects she has worked on - thank you for sharing her incredible work with us xx

Unknown said...

Felicity,this is a Beautiful post!
She seems so sweet!!!
And thanks to Anna for this Felicity post!!!

Karena said...

Yummy, however it would break my heart to start eating these cakes. (I would though!)

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

There is my MIA BFF, Felicity in true form! :-) Thanks dear for the lovely post!

Sarthak said...

absolutely beautiful !! and the first and the second pictures are my personal favourites !

Mandi said...

what an amazing artist' Vicky is ....would love to sample one of her choclate cakes...thanks for sharing this with everyone Felicity and Anna...great post...many thanks

kat said...

Glad to see you discovered more about Vicky Crease. Her work is gorgeous. Thanks for the 'link love'.

Sharnel said...

Divine! Divine! Divine!
What a talented lady. And such a gorgeous country she lives in too. So much to inspire you in South Africa.
Thanks Felicity and Anna for this inspirational post. Lots of food for thought!

blah said...

Kimberlee, - Her work is amazing isn't it? :-) - Its all so sumptuous and glamorous:-).

Karina - lovely to hear from you :-) hugs to you bug :-)

Karena - I totally understand - I am with you :-)

Melissa -you make me laugh:-) - lucky I know what you're talking about MIA BFF:-) For ages I had no idea what LOL was - I had to google it:-)

Dear Saarthak, you should see the rest of the pictures in her gallery - I could have happily put them ALL up!

Mandi - Vicky is exactly that - an artist :-)

Kat - your blog is Fab -its a great read :-) thanks so much for the introduction:-).

Sharnel - queen of the gateaux - I thought of you when getting this post together :-)

Hugs and love and you know I'm a fan of your creations :-)

blah said...

Hi everyone - I'm off for the next 2 weeks- woohoo! :-) So won't be able to respond to your comments till I get back.

take care, smiles and love


cara said...

Oh they look beautiful. (Almost) too good to eat.

Alya said...

simply stunning!

thirty1seven said...

simple..breathtaking..gorgeous! Love!