Tuesday 13 March 2012

Black & Spiro Tidbits

I snapped these few pictures at the shop late last week of some of our new things.  Why didn't I notice that the seat cushion on the chair above was upside down before I took the photo?  Gosh that annoys me.  Even though I love to embrace and promote THE MISMATCH this certainly isn't cool!!  Patterns on chairs need to line up.

Needless to say the cushion has now be turned over to the correct side so that the stripes line up.  You probably think I am mad but as a decorator it's so important to concentrate on the small details because it's the small details which can make all the difference between a hodge podge job and a job well done.

Here's a larger picture than the one I posted the other day of one of our new window displays. 

And here's a picture of the other window display with the pretty orange botanical fabric I posted a couple of weeks ago now in place.

Oh and look at the fabulous vintage pond yacht we just got in.  So gorgeous.  You might also notice the pretty vases in this picture.  I think they are wonderful because you only need 1 stem.  Isn't that economical!!

And here is the beautiful armoire which also just came in last week  Look at the carved detail on the doors.  It's beauty really can't be appreciated in this picture.

Hope you are all having a fantastic week so far.


leanne said...

so pretty as ever - i adore the pink heart cushion and the white and yellow lamp with pink lampshade! The armoire is beautiful too, just gorgeous.

Fifi said...

I pass your shop every day during my morning walk and it always looks absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully I will get chance to pop in to shop some time soon.

Anna Spiro said...

Thank you Fifi! Hopefully you will get in one day soon! xx

Ashley said...

I love your blog and have been reading forever! I was wondering if you knew about the chair in the top photo? I have the same one! I got it at a yard sale and it had never been upholstered befor so it was just a naked frame!

You are so inspirational :)
Have a lovely day!

Unknown said...

I love the heart pillow! What a great statement piece. The store looks so pretty!

Daryl Wark said...

Hi Anna,
Yes, you are so right, "God is in the Detail".
I just love the commode/chest of drawers in the second photo. Am I right in thinking it is French?
Love the patina on the timber. Just perfect.
Have a good week,
warm regards,

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

The vintage pond yacht is so lovely, Anna!

Anonymous said...

SO LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog ..there is so much nice inspiration.
I wish you a great and sunny week:)

LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

Mahala said...

More genius combinations of color, pattern, texture, and shape to make happy the eye. You never cease to amaze and delight with your talent for creating beauty. I see a design book in the future. I'd be one of the first to buy it!

Anchor Cottage said...

A major tourist mag in the area shot a photo of a pillow I had made in a chair I was selling at the shop. And when the issue came out, the pillow was upside down!! Wonder who noticed besides me!

Unknown said...

Absolutely love your shop displays!!! So inspiring and quirky!... Def an inspiration!

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Daryl,

Yes it is an Antique French chest of drawers. It actually sold yesterday which was fantastic. Now onto finding something else!!

Hope you are well.


The Pink Giraffe said...

Your shop must be amazing! Cute stuff.

Bumble at home said...

I think Fifi B shows great restraint, if I passed your shop every day on my walk I would be IN your shop every day

Unknown said...

Everything is gorgeous Anna! You have an amazing eye for detail. The two orange backdrops for your windows are stunning. Also loving the tiny one stem vases. Very economical like you say. I have been picking fern stems from my yard and placing them in my large glass vase as we are on a bit of a budget at the moment!

Anna Spiro said...

Thanks Cath! I love the idea of ferns in a vase!! That sounds lovely...


Unknown said...

Love all the bright color. The striped chair especially!