Monday, 27 February 2012

Pretty Bedroom

Here's a very quickly taken snap of a pretty bedroom in a divine home in Sydney which I am currently working on.  I was so thrilled when my client asked me to make her a patterned bedspread as we've mostly been doing white French quilted bedspreads for clients these past few years {which I also love BTW}.  It was just such a refreshing change being asked to do a traditional patterned bedspread.  I can't wait to install the curtains which will bring the entire room together...

Hope you're having a wonderful Monday.

PS - Yep, I've joined the Instagram craze!! 


Kelly Green said...

Nothing like a good bit of pattern in a fabric to make my heart sing! Its beautiful! KG X

Bumble at home said...

Great color combo and pattern mix,hope we see the curtains soon

Lisa said...

Hi Anna
I really enjoy your blog and yes I can't get enough of Instagram too. It makes so so pics look cool!
Lisa from Canada

Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

Love that bedspread! I'm normally an all white bed kinda lady, but I love that. So pretty!

cassandra said...

absolutely LOVE the combo of fabrics! so fresh!