Wednesday, 3 August 2011

For a Good Cause

Getting the word out seems to be one of the biggest things I can do with this blog.  Today I would really like to help Cate Farrar from Multicap.  Multicap is a disability services provider supporting people with multiple disabilities, complex behaviour problems and their families in Queensland.  She needs to get the word out about this charity luncheon being held next week.  You see they haven't filled enough tables for the event and they really need some bookings so please, please, please if you aren't doing anything next Thursday 11th August why don't you book a table, take a group of friends and enjoy what I believe will be a very interesting debate!!

Tickets can be purchased online HERE...


1 comment:

CJFarrar said...

Anna, you are wonderful posting this. I am sharing the link so more people will be introduced to your beautiful blog! Cate x