Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Happy March!

Can you believe it's March already?  As March heralds the start of Autumn here in Australia I was inspired by the colour orange and falling leaves to create this month's calendar vignette.  I made a necklace out of paper letters I bought at Kate's Paperie and wrapped lots of gingham ribbons and pleated trim around the neck of our vintage French Mannequin.  This month we are opening our back displays at Black & Spiro again.  This is the third time we have redecorated the 2 back rooms since our re-opening last year.  We are using lots of orange and lavender.  I can't wait to unveil them in the coming weeks.  Happy March Everyone! 



Unknown said...

Happy March! :) Love that!

Anonymous said...

How lovely! Yes, happy March to you as well!

Kellie said...

Love the colors!

I Dream Of said...

Lovely! Your gorgeous, brilliant colors always brighten my day any season.

Unknown said...

Happy March Anna! XoXo :)

meenal bishnoi said...

What a cheerful way to start the month!!look forward to your back displays! have a great month ahead, Anna!! xx meenal (

Kelly Polkinghorne said...

I'm loving the mannequin xxx

Sharnel said...

I must say I'm really loving your calendar vignettes.
January's really captured the essence of summer here in Australia and February was perfect for you being in NY.

pve design said...

Happy March to you Anna.

Kate said...

Anna, this is gorgeous! I'd love to wear that as a necklace x

The enchanted home said...

So fun and Kates paperie. Hope March is a wonderful month for all of us...with it ushering in spring, I think its going to be wonderful!

Anna Spiro said...

Happy March to all of you too!

Manny is thanks to you Kell and I love her too!!!!

Thanks Sharnel! Glad you are enjoying the calendar vignettes! Just trying to do a few new different things on the blog to try to keep it interesting..! I'm really enjoying creating them too which is great.

Kate - I think I could wear this ensemble as a necklace too! Love lots of necklaces on at once!! Thanks also for your lovely post about my brother's new blog, sam's table! He is having a lot of fun!


Luciane at said...

March! yeah! :-) .. and tomorrow is my BELOVED sister's b-day. :-) I just love her so much!

March means that we're getting closer to Spring here in North America (I'm in Canada btw), but it will not feel like spring to me until late April, mid May. Yep.. It will take a while still... but it's better than nothing, right?

How's Fall in Australia? Does it get chilly? I hope you have a beautiful and colorful Autumn... as these pictures, Anne.

Have a Blessed day!


Luciane at

Flotsam Friends said...

Hi Anna, happy March to you too. Fabulous mix of colours. Pruxxx

Sam's Table said...

V. Creative Bella! I love this whole idea - it gives everyone a fresh and exciting start to each month!!!!


cailen ascher said...

happy march! no, i can't believe it's march either - where is 2011 going?!!

great blog - glad i stopped by for a visit.

til next time,

have a lovely said...

so lovely! {shared with my readers!} happy march to you from across the pond!

Catherine said...

Just Lovely! For the life of me I cannot remember whose wallpaper that is??? I love lavender with orange!