Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Room Scheming

I would love to be asked by a client to prepare a room scheme around these two beautiful pieces above. They are simply breathtaking, in my opinion.

I could imagine an {almost} all-white colour palette with recycled European parquetry timber flooring and beautiful blue and white patterned fabrics on cushions and possibly on a couple of accent chairs here and there. I think I would use white slip covered sofas with frilled skirts {like the ones Joni posts}. Oh, and of course I would fill the room with blue and white ginger jars.

What would you do if you were given these two beautiful pieces to work with?

Woodblock painting by celebrated Australian artist Cressida Campbell and beautiful French antique mirror from Baran de Bordeaux in Auckland.


style chronicle said...

Sounds lovely! The colors are so soothing.

Blue Muse said...

I would die of happiness if I were given those two pieces to work with. hehe.
xo Isa

Laura Casey Interiors said...

What gorgeous pieces to have as a starting point. I always love blue based rooms. Can't wait to see...

MaryBeth said...

Oh that mirror is to die for. So lovely. MB

Unknown said...

If I had these two beautiful pieces to work with I'd have you come over and work your magic!!!

Have a good day!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I agree Anna, I see the linen skirted (pleats of course) sofas or chairs that Joni often posts. She posted a skirted bottom/coffee table that would be lovely. I conjure ideas of Swedish antiques. Whites, but aged.

Great inspiration Anna!

Sassa said...

Hallo Anna,
I want you to look at a swedish company you will love; I am sure even you will find some new beautiful things.I think they will go very well with the things you have in your blog today/ Sassa

Yansy said...

That mirror is fantastic.

Karena said...

Anna, perfect concept for design around these images. I would want the slipcovers more tailored , less frilly for a more classic look. Also add in several abstract works of art in a soft blue/cream/gray palette. Wonderful!

Zuniga Interiors Design Studio said...

Love the two pieces and your idea too! I would do take your parquet floor then upholster frech pieces in creme linen- and play up the gold- gold and creme appliqued pillows, french blue pillows and antique gold accents for accessories- still keeping it soft mind you, when I say "gold"!

Love your ideas always! Fun!

Zuniga Interiors

Unknown said...

i'd have a lot of fun, they're gorgeous. Obviously since I love your work, I like your suggestions very much. I think I'd paint the walls very pale gray like the outside border on the platter in the painting , use white denim fabric on a sofa with some navy piping perhaps and add a complementary colour (hot pink ? Watermelon ? deep apricot ?).
I can't wait to see what you will do.
By the way Anna, I hold you totally responsible for the dream I had the other day where my bedroom was entirely wallpapered in Kelly Wreastler Imperial Trellis in green and it looked so great that when I woke up I spent hours trying to find the exact name of the paper, then the price (!!!)whether it is sold in Europe(no luck), and then finding something that would be reminiscent of it. Really it looked stunning in my dream.I have found a paper I like and when I finally get round to doing my bedroom I'll send you pictures. Keep up the fabulous work, Pascale
P.S. by the way I like the new photo.

Miss Kris said...

Oh yes Anna! I love, LOVE the mirror. Simply beautiful! I would love to see all what you described with some white slipcovered double layered sofas, a pretty slipcovered ottoman, and a lovely wooden table with gold family vintage frames, little trinkets and a white large jar. LOVELY!!!

~Miss Kris~

Sallie Ann said...

These photos are so lovely. I can't quite tell if the top is a table or a rug? The mirror is a gem and I agree it would fit perfectly in a soft, white room. Mixed with pristine and shabby pieces. I could also see it on a slate gray wall, in another semi-monochromatic room...charcoal, dove and slate with gold accents. Maybe a bit more masculine, but with big bowls full of creamy peonies.

Pearl Maple said...

Simply beautiful

They feel a bit Scandinavian to me and if I got to play with them, no patterns it would go a bit clean lined, with lots of shades of white/cream and tones of that wonderful blue.

annechovie said...

These are beyond gorgeous pieces, Anna! I'd say I couldn't come up with any better plan than you have already articulated here. I love your new photo, too - gorgeous!

Donna said...

I am thinking of a grand bathroom. I would use an old white claw foot tub with that beautiful mirror above it to make it the main focal point as you enter the room. (To me that piece seems large so it would really be beautiful)
I would then use an old white distressed dresser with a blue basin as the sink on top. I would design it with the patterns from the painting. The part on the right looks like a bowl to me in the painting.
I would have white wide-planked wood flooring and loads of candlelight!
That is just what is going through my head at the moment!
Great post Anna!

Unknown said...

All white. Definitely all (slightly off) white.

Tamara said...

Oh, please can I come and live there. Sounds beautiful, of course. A little bit of French linen might be nice too with all of those soft colours.

My last couple of posts have been some little tablescapes that have been very much inspired by your style, which I love.

Thank you for all of your beautiful beautiful posts.

cotedetexas said...

Anna- that mirror has to be the prettiest thing I think I have seen! and thanks for the link!!!! I just saw that. you are too sweet.

Rebecca said...

Wish I had the time to do a room scheme for the mirror and picture.
I could see them with your lovely floor but I would stick with a blue and white theme. I would find the perfect pattern for chairs - something with the blue colors and then either a coral, or other accent color. The sofa would be either a slightly lighter or darker shade of the mirror; walls would be a darker shade of the white on the mirror.

No ginger jars but plates that echo the look of the painting.
No white slip covers - lovely tailored sofa.