Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Dreamy Dollhouse Furniture

If I was a doll I'd definitely be coveting this furniture for my dollhouse!!! {Source unknown}


vicki archer said...

I don't know why but I love dolls house furniture.

When my girls were little we had the cutest dolls house but I think the real truth was that I loved decorating and furnishing it more than they did!
You have made me wonder what ever happened to it when we moved to France - another lost item floating around the world somewhere.

Thanks for your lovely comment on French Essence today Anna. xv

The City Sage said...

Oh how this picture takes me back! There was nothing better than playing with my dollhouse when I was little. I would arrange and re-arrange the furniture for hours. Which might be why I love arranging real furniture now that I'm a grown-up. That connection had never occurred to me before. At least now my little sister isn't around to break the legs off of all my tables and chairs :)