Thursday, 20 March 2008

Inspiration Collage

And just in case you thought I'd lost my love for pink after last week's collage - here is this week's Pink/White/Charcoal Inspiration Collage.

Photos from top (left to right) - 1 - Room by Tom Scheerer, 2 - Fabric from Purl Soho, 3 - Creed Perfume, 4 - Fabric from Black & Spiro, 5 - Note cards by Alicia Paulson, 6 - India Hicks via Style court, 7 - My Bedroom, 8 - Grandiflora by Saskia Havekes, 9 - Flickr, 10 - Fabric from Purl Soho, 11 - Chanel Ballet Flats, 12 - Aman Resorts, 13 - Skull & Crossbone Note cards from Vivre, 14 - Hermes Blanket - 15 - Fabric from Purl Soho, 16 - Black & Spiro Display


pve design said...

your collage tickles me pink!
the infusion of black makes it less sweet and gives it a
modern twist!

Laura said...

Perfection! I love pink and coral, especially now that it's warming up over here!

girl meets glamour said...

You have some of my favorite images and fabrics here, great collage!!


Alkemie said...


What a beautiful and inspiring collage! I went nuts for the skulls on the stationary set! Love the patent leather and color of the Chanel flats, your new chest and the gray stationary. S

Great collage!


p.s. Happy Easter!

all*over*print said...

i love the way you use pink in anything..

Style Court said...

Oh I spy some favorites here :)

Mélanie said...

Love your sources of inspiration

Unknown said...

as an illustrator with a bit of a creative block this fine but rather dreary mornig, i thank you for this inspiration. i especially love the fabric from Purl Soho. fabulous. what a lovely blog you have. cheers.~

AshleyL. said...

oooh! what a pretty pink collage! i'm really into pinks right now too, it must be spring! :)

Anna Spiro said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments!!