Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Christmas & Birthday Preparations

Just one beautiful picture tonight from Martha Stewart via House Martin - an arrangement of vibrant pink Christmas Cacti - so gorgeous! I have been very busy tonight preparing for a little someone's 5th Birthday tomorrow in amongst wrapping Christmas gifts, writing Christmas cards, setting the table for the 5th Birthday family dinner which we are having at home tomorrow night, preparing pancake batter for the 5 year old's breakfast, wrapping birthday presents etc. etc. etc. etc.!!


Tara said...

Hi Anna-Just happened upon your blog, it's great! I have a 6 yr old with a Thanksgiving birthday--a crazy time of year...in fact all three of my children are near a holiday! Enjoy your celebration-Tara from Long Island

RP said...

Happy birthday Harry!

blah said...

Happy Birthday for today Harry ( Wednesday!!!) Have a great day and hope you get looots of presents and enjoy your lovley party - 5 is very big you know :-)!!

Style Court said...

Happy Birthday Harry!!!

Anna, would love to see pics of the celebration.