Friday, 9 March 2007

It's the Weekend!!!

Finally, the weekend is here!! I'm going over to Straddie for the weekend and I was thinking it may be nice to have a beautiful lunch with some friends on Sunday at our beach house. Look at this gorgeous Hawaiian style table setting above - it has inspired me!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'm so looking forward to having some time to relax with my 4 year old and my husband and maybe a long walk along the beach on Sunday morning to get my creative inspiration moving!!

Oh and just one more thing, I would like to thank all of you for your continued support and for visiting ABT!! Thank you also for all the wonderful comments you leave. I would love to hear from where you all come from and what inspires you so if you have the time over the weekend please introduce yourself and tell me what inspires you!

Thanks again!



midcenturyjo said...

Have a wonderful weekend Anna. You know I'm from just down the road and it's friends that inspire me.

Wes said...

That sound wonderful. Have a good weekend!

KiWi said...

Beach..brunch...sounds like heaven.

Hello, my name is Kiwi of kiwi cuties and I find inspiration in nature and in my 8 yr old daughter.

Di Overton said...

That table inspires me to go somewhere hot. I am off to Paris on Wednesday to see my daughter but she says the weather is awful. Oh well think of me whilst you are strolling down the beach in the sunshine. Enjoy!

The Peak of Chic said...

Have fun this weekend! I'm off to San Francisco for a week's visit to see my sister!

kstyle said...

I'm always reminded of the gorgeous sunshine coast when I visit your blog. Enjoy that gorgeous warm air for me. k

Anna said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. You all sound like you are going to some wonderful places in the next little while!!

TinkerBlue said...

Where do I come from? Now - Vancouver. Previously - Sydney, Mexico, London and Tokyo. Originally - Hobart, until I was 20.

What inspires me? Places I have lived, places I have travelled to places I want to travel to, family, friends, magazines, books, movies etc etc. The style of home politely put would be eclectic, and honestly put - mish mash, excentric or horrible (one friends comment on seeing or lime green kitchen for the first time.

Up next - a table & chairs for our dining room, side table & coffee table for living room. Our design dilemas! And planning our next trip home - Hobart, Sydney and Brisbane.

elsie said...

hi. i'm from romania, living in scotland for the moment. i have always thought i have no talent at anything till i met an arts teacher. i told him i cant draw or paint and he got pissed(i guess everybody is saying that)and said: anybody can do that. and i thought a lot and i started to draw, and guess what! i can draw. and pretty good. i have to post all my drawings some day. some are good some are not as good. i started 2 years ago. now i'm 30.i like lots of things especially simple ones, with materials from nature,especially wood. love your blog :)