Friday, 2 March 2007

Casapinka Reminder

Just a reminder to you all to visit Casapinka. For all my new readers Casapinka is a blog which details the 1 year renovation of a house in America which I am helping decorate with it's owner Pink (don't worry that's just her alias - it's not her real name) from Pink Mohair. The catch is that Pink and I have never met and the only communication we are having is via email, telephone and postage. Now just to make something clear - Pink has her own very distinct taste and my job as her decorator is to make sure that she is making all the right selections and mixing the right sorts of things together to create an overall finished look. My part in all of this is not to completely push my tastes on Pink. I just give her my advice and suggestions, oh and I certainly tell her if I don't like something and it's completely up to her if she runs with it or not. She also presents me with a lot of things she finds and I give her my opinion. It's a lot of fun so please go and have a look at the site and who knows maybe you'll become addicted!!
Just to explain the images I have posted above - the top image is a picture I emailed to Pink a couple of months ago as an idea for her stairwell and just this week Pink found the mirrors in the bottom picture at her favourite flea market which she will arrange ad hock in her own stairwell. I think it will look fantastic - I can't wait for her to email me the pictures once she has finished it!!


FIFI said...

what a fantastic idea, i am going there right now! fi.xx
I have a new address please update your bookmarks

drey said...

man she must go to some great flea markets! nothing like this in melbourne anymore!

Michele said...

I absolutely love your blog!

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TinkerBlue said...

I am enjoying the Casapinka process. It's a lot of fun. I'd be too impatient, I'd want it all done now.