Tuesday, 16 January 2007

The Winners Are...

Congratulations Kiminottawa and Midcenturyjo for your correct answers to our new Blog Competion. The Blythe doll above is being used to depict me in the banner of our new site which we have just launched this afternoon. Please click here and you will be directed to Casapinka - A House in Translation - a new blog by Pink Mohair and me, Anna Spiro. I hope you all like it.
Please email me Kiminottawa and Midcenturyjo so that I can contact you both regarding your prizes. Thank you everyone for your participation in this competition. Please visit regularly as there will be lots more competitions in the future for you all to enter.
I'll be resuming with normal Absolutely Beautiful posts tomorrow. Thanks everyone for your support. You are all so wonderful.


LisaJay said...

I think the picture and the name of the blog are both great! And the contest was a good way to get people involved. Off I go to look at it!

Anna said...

Oh, thanks so much Lisajay. I'm so glad you have left me a comment on ABT. Poor old ABT is being a bit neglected tonight with the launch of Casapinka!! So thanks!! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the new blog.


kiminottawa said...

Thanks again Anna (and Pink) for the pillow I'm going to receive! To make you feel better Anna, your blog rocks (I'm now a new follower of it) and it will be on my list of blogs to check out daily!

Anna said...

Oh, Kim, thanks to you too and for leaving me a comment here as well. You have made me feel better. Thank you!! So glad that you will be visiting regularly and that we will be able to stay in touch that way.


kstyle said...

Hi anna,

Congrats on your new endeavor. Can't wait to follow the adventures of casapinka. k