Monday, 29 January 2007

A Room by Amanda Grillini




Amanda Grillini is a talented Interior Designer who has been working for me at Black & Spiro for the past 12 months. I love seeing the work she does and I thought I would post a before picture and an after picture of a job she has been working on lately. What a difference a few beautiful pieces make to a room. A job well done Amanda!! I look forward to seeing more pictures of this job as it progresses even more. Your eye for detail and your hard work has certainly paid of with this sucessful room transformation. I love having you here at Black & Spiro!!


kacha said...

What a stunning room I love it - well done

Anonymous said...

Wow that really is an amazing transformation! That's it, I am moving to Australia.

Anna said...

I'll pass on the compliments to Amanda Kacha and Anon. Thanks for your enthusiasm!!

pinkmohair said...

What a striking transformation. Simple but very effective. Love the choice of color.

Fairfax said...

Good on Ya, Amanda!