Wednesday, 10 January 2007

My French Life - Blog Announcement

Hi Everyone,

I have had such a huge response to my post on Vicki Archer's new book My French Life and most of you are asking me where you can access it from overseas. Well you're not going to believe it however, Vicki Archer herself emailed me about my post and so I asked her where you could all purchase it from. This is what she said;

"At the moment My French Life is distributed only in Australia and New Zealand so the way to purchase outside the country is to use one of the bookshop internet sites that ship overseas. The problem is that Penguin is out of stock at the warehouse so many bookshops are waiting for a second reprint.
If you google," My French Life Vicki Archer" all the sites will come up. I know Abbeys, Dymocks and Angus and Robertson ship overseas. Borders.have stock now in store for those in Australia wishing to purchase.
Alternatively you could email Penguin ( probably marketing in Melbourne) and ask them when and if it will be available overseas. They know much more than me about availability"

I hope this info helps you all out. Alternatively I am trying to purchase some stock of the book for my shop, so if I am successful I will announce it on my blog so that you can possibly purchase it from me.



Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

What a doll to respond kindly to you for us!!

the preppy princess said...

Thanks for the info. Of course I went right to Amazon and couldn't find it so I figured it was only published over your way!

Anna said...

Yes, T&C I was so honored that she emailed me. It was very exciting seeing her email in my inbox that morning!!


Anna said...

Yes PP, it's not available on Amazon yet but it may be in the future. Check out the Australian sites though as they do ship OS.


My Marrakech said...

Yes, I do think it lovely that she wrote you but it would have been nice for her to thank you for all the wonderful publicity. Her email is a little cold to me - all of this, "I hope this helps you all out." What about you helping her out? If I were ever so lucky to publish a book, I would be thrilled to pieces if someone wrote about me. And grateful!

Anna said...

Hi Maryam, Have a look at the comments section in my post before this one about My French Life and you will see the comment Vicki Archer left there which does really thank me for my kind words etc. She also emailed me separately from this and was very, very grateful for my public appraisal of her book.

TinkerBlue said...

I'll have to get a copy next time I'm back in Australia. I checked Dymocks and A&R but the postage was more $ than the actual book