Monday, 29 January 2007

Odette Teerink - A Brisbane Artist

I'm really enjoying these paintings by Brisbane based artist Odette Teerink. After just returning from a 3 year sabbatical in Seattle, USA where she studied at the Seattle Academy of Fine Arts and where she is said to have acquired a more mature approach to her artwork, Odette has returned to Brisbane to work on her recent series, "A Journey to Contentment" which is being exhibited at Freestyle Tout Emporium in Fortitude Valley from 1-28 February. I have already sent an enquiry off to Odette's email address about the lantern painting above which I am absolutely in love with.
I love this exerpt from her website which is how she describes her latest series;
"A Journey to Contentment” is not so much about escapism but about actively pursuing a happier life and being conscious of where you are in the world. “The idea is to sit down, have a cup of tea, and let the painting take you to a quiet place where you can put your life into perspective, so when you return to the craziness of reality you have a sense of calm and balance.”
Wouldn't that be wonderful - sitting down, a cup of tea, a quiet place and putting life into perspective. I love that idea!!


pinkmohair said...

I'm a cherry blossom girl, myself!

style court said...

Thanks for the introduction to this artist! Love the work.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful artist