Monday, 10 October 2011

City Apartment

I thought I would share some photos of an apartment I have been working on.  This beautiful apartment occupies the entire floor of a building in the city.  I have been working with these clients for many years.  I actually think they were one of my first clients.  They are so loyal and supportive and just the most beautiful people I could hope to work with.   It is always a pleasure working with them on the projects they have me help them with.

It is quite obvious that my work in this apartment is slightly more sophisticated and probably more modern than the other jobs I have posted on the blog in the past.

I designed this armchair which we had made in a bold, bright patterned fabric.  I wanted the chair to have a high back so that it contrasted against the very low slung modern sofa.  This chair really does become such a feature in their formal sitting room.  I can't wait to place the 2 upholstered ottomans we are about to have made into the room as I think they will finish it off beautifully.  I also need to find a beautiful lamp to place on the table against the wall behind the sofa.

This is the t.v. room and sitting area off the kitchen.

Here's a corner in the master bedroom.  It was very interesting getting that large chair in through the doorway of the apartment!!

A very special photo wall which we hung in the master bedroom above an antique roll top desk and a vintage chair we had covered in a beautiful embroidered floral fabric.

Here's a little snapshot of their outdoor terrace.  We incorporated some citrus yellow and taupe in this very comfortable exterior sitting room.

I should have taken some more photos of their main bedroom as we made their bed head out of a beautiful silvered linen and then wallpapered the wall behind their bed in a matching silvered plain wallpaper.  It is divine.  Maybe when I'm there next I can get some more pics to share!!

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek...


Hannah said...

This is a gorgeous apartment. I love the light.

Karena said...

So gorgeous Anna!! I love the colors and the works of art!


Art by Karena

C. Anne said...

That orangey armchair is such a beacon! The zesty terrace is very appealing too.

Chrissie said...

I love everything about this space! The colors are so bright and wonderful but not too much. Fabulous!

Luciane at said...

Loved, loved, loved seeing this!!!

As always, happy colors! You know how to design HAPPY places, Anna.

Wishing you a very blessed week!


Luciane a

Angie said...

So amazing - love clean lines and fresh fabrics with the traditional furniture - would love to see more! Thanks for sharing!

Kristi Kyle said...

Wow! Well done - It's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

The red chair is a show stopper!

gen [at] WILLOWfragrance said...

Your work is truly amazing, you're a great inspiration.

pve design said...

Beautiful....delighted to see your work in a more minimal mod setting. I can see that just adding pops of your work brings life and happiness to a home.
I cannot imagine the client's delight each time you arrive with something new.
How lucky are they to have you to infuse happiness!

Peter said...

Great blog Anna. I came here on a recommendation from

Glad I did. :-)


Alecia @ Tchotchkes etc. said...

it's great to see such a love of art in a modern apartment

Anonymous said...

Everything is so gorgeous!!!
You capture so many colours and textures, but still manage to keep the simplicity.
The corner of the master bedroom is the best for me ;)

Elise said...

This is absolutely lovely!!


Anonymous said...

Oh I used to have that Canovas floral! Or was it Le Lievre?

Your chair is wonderful, I love everything about it.
One of the paintings looks so Scottish.

KellyMellyBoBellyBananaFanna said...

love the terrace furniture.

Anonymous said...

Of course, naturally I drool over the art work but that chair is gorgeous!

Debra Turner said...

The design is a bit more modern than my own style, but lovely, nonetheless. The shells and antique desk add warmth and charm.

miss b said...

I just love the lounge - minimalist but with splashes of intense colour and interesting accessories. The coffee table is beautiful.