Monday, 17 October 2011

Megan Morton

I think that Megan Morton is one of the most stylish women I have ever met.   I know it's a big call but I spent a couple of hours with her earlier this year whilst she was working on a very exciting project and I have to say that she is so gorgeous and so clever. 

Although it was a day which was extremely rushed for me and I was completely flustered, she just seemed to take it all in her stride.  Nothing seemed to bother her.  

Even though I only spent those few hours with her I felt like I had known her for years when she left.  It was as though a little breath of fresh air came into my life that day.  She inspired me to say the least.

I loved seeing the photos of her house in Sydney on The Design Files recently.  In particular I loved this photo of her console table which is filled with beautiful things and so beautifully placed. 

I will be sure to post more about Megan Morton here as her exciting project comes to fruition.



pve design said...

Oh what a dreamy image Anna. I am going through a phase now and all I want are whites and lights against darks. I would love to see more of Megan's work - what a stunning console table.

Valerie@DesignCaller said...

I totally agree! I did not know that she IS gorgeous ,but I knew she has what I consider a smart design sense because what she DOES is gorgeous.
I'm excited to see this project you've mentioned!
Have a great Monday!


Karena said...

Anna it is beautiful design work by Megan. I also adore the rug shown!


Art by Karena

Natasha @ Northern Light Design said...

Living in florida I don't really "know" this lady, but now that you have shared this image from her home, I am going to dig a little deeper :-)
I love everything about this image, the muted colors, the composition, the history of the owner... and the consol table.... fantastic!! Thank you for sharing, now I, too, have been inspired by her!!

Hannah said...

I would love to find out more about her work. This picture is really lovely- great colours and placement.

skippysays said...

What a gorgeous console table! And I love the lamp on it!

Sunday Taylor said...

Can't wait to read more about Megan Morton!

Krystal James said...

I'm in love with the muted cool colours. I want everything in this shot.

Claudine said...

love the tones, i too want every item on this console. I have just finished doing a project using muted tones and am wondering if you could take time to look at it i would love to hear your comments.