Monday, 2 June 2008

More Mollies

A few weeks ago I posted a beautiful picture of a room at Mollies Boutique Hotel in Auckland as a link to a post This Is Glamorous did on Mollies. I recently stumbled across these images of the exterior of Mollies on Trip Advisor and felt I had to share them. Such a pretty building!! Enjoy!!


Sharnel said...

Hmm reminds me a little bit of our house. Much more detail though. It's gorgeous!

girl meets glamour said...

Just so beautiful, thanks for sharing!!

The House That A-M Built said...

Ooh,oh,oh it's beautiful... the colours, windows and balastrades! Enjoying our rain?!!! A-M xx

Millie said...

Anna -my friend Peter always stays @ Mollie's when he's in Auckland on business. He has always raved about it, but I didn't take much notice until now. These lovely photos have made me realise how right he is!
Take a peak @ Maison de la Mer Boutique Hotel in Akaroa N.Z.- it's also truly gorgeous.
Millie ^_^