Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Tracey's Vintage Art Clusters

Today I received a lovely surprise in my inbox from Tracey who lives in Sydney and is a collector of vintage paintings among other things. I couldn't wait to share the pictures of her clusters with you and here's what she had to say about herself;

"I am actually a part-time collector (my husband says accumulator!) collecting mainly antique paintings of roses (for my dining room), vintage art deco paintings of women (for my TV room) and vintage paintings of flowers for my daughter's bedroom (which she doesn't want anymore!) I also collect antique French fabrics (which I have made into cushions and trim on blinds for my formal lounge), antique silver and cranberry glass and antique sewing items. Of course, that is just scratching the surface. Full time (my real life) I am actually a Maths Teacher! One day, I will live my dream and open a shop selling vintage and antique items and one off pieces of furniture (I have more sofas than rooms!)."

Thanks for contacting me Tracey I love your vintage artwork clusters (my favourite being the top one) and I'd love to see some pictures of your other collections too!!


Chelsea said...

I adore these art clusters. I'm trying to cover one of my own walls with an array of pictures in frames but its coming on very slowly (cluster of about 4 so far).

Unknown said...

I love Tracey's flower clusters!!!
who needs a garden when you have those?!!

Ann Marie said...

LOVE, LOVE the rose art work!
Would LOVE her to sell me some!

Heather said...

way too cool!

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RP said...

Stunning collections! The vintage flower pieces are incredible.

FancyPants-design said...

I love that look... when art is clustered together in what looks like random.. it just so charming!!

Kelly George said...

I love the look and I'm currently working on my vintage painting clusters. I have rose and landscape collections started and have developed quite a vintage floral tray collection that I want to group together now as well.