Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Tia Zoldan Says Hi

Today it seems the inbox was overloaded with lovely emails! Another exciting email was from US Interior Designer Tia Zoldan. Tia had recently stumbled across ABT and whilst browsing the archives found the post I did a few weeks ago on her GORGEOUS house!! She was so kind to send me an updated picture of the house which I was thrilled to see. A few changes are noticeable but the character of the house lives on!! If you haven't already visited Tia's website do so, it is well worth a visit. Her work is stunning!! Click HERE to visit. Thanks for saying Hi Tia. I LOVE your work!!

Image 1 from Tia Zoldan
Image 2 from My Home Ideas


rachel @ blackeiffel said...

When you posted that photo earlier I was swooning. It is lovely to see both of those images together.

Unknown said...

what a cute home! I just visited Tia's website and her work is great. Also, I wanted to tell you I was doing a post about Jamie Rummerfield and came across an interview she did with Spin city. In one of the questions she mentions your blog as being the favorite places to visit. You probably already know this but I thought it was interesting so i posted it. She also had Desire to inpsire and designsponge blog too. Just thought I would let you know. Have a great day! xo Daisy~

Unknown said...

Oh boy, I LOVE your blog. Yet another to add to my list ;-)

bestonline323 said...

beautiful pictures! Oh how wonderful & delightful! It really is a GORGEOUS house.


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