Friday, 28 March 2008

Happy Weekend!!

Another week has passed us by so quickly. I have been working on a big installation this week at an inner city apartment which we have been completely refurbishing. I must say I am completely exhausted as are all the girls at Black & Spiro as they have all been working so hard with me to get everything done. We still have a lot more to finish off over the coming weeks and I am every excited about getting it finished. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and to Av, Mel & Sal I hope you have a lovely and RESTFUL weekend because you all deserve it!! Happy Weekend to all!!
Image via Monique B's photostream @ Flickr


Felicia said...

Beautiful flowers :)

Julia said...

I love your "happy weekend" images, they brighten my day as do the rest of your posts!!!

katiedid said...

I am back from spring break and happy to be visiting my favorite blogs. It has been fun perusing your latest posts. Thankyou! :)

Keren - The Brown Trading Co. said...

What a delightful little garden. Makes me want to sit down with an icy cold lemonade and a book. Hope your weekend is restful too!

Alkemie said...

Have a great weekend Anna! I hope we get to see photos of the finished project!



Jasminé said...

Hi there
I just came across your blog.It is so lovely and a real inspiration!
I love all things interior decor and I love your idea of mixing modern with vintage..I look forward to reading your blog often.
Regards from Ireland

a friend said...

The Guara is gorgeous. I love how the flower hovers like a butterfly.