Thursday, 16 February 2012

Marcia Georges' Cookbook

I feel very fortunate to have met Andy & Marcia Georges all those years ago.  I have been working for them in their home and in their very well-known and respected Brisbane restaurant, IL Centro, for.....I don't know how long.  It seems as though it's been many, many years. 

Today I was one of a team of people who came together at their home to style a very large number of family-favourite dishes Marcia had tirelessly prepared over the last 2 days which will feature in her upcoming cookbook.  We used lots of fabulous heirloom tablecloths, napkins, cutlery and china.  The cookbook is going to be full of their family history and the wonderful dishes they have shared throughout their lives.

I will post some more photos tomorrow but here's a sneak peek above.

Oh and if you didn't know, Marcia and Andy are opening a beautiful new bar which will be called Mr & Mrs G on the river in a new building in front of their restaurant in the next couple of months.  I have been very lucky to work on the interior of the bar and let me tell you Brisbane you are in for a big treat.  It will be something very special.

More pictures tomorrow, I promise!!



Unknown said...

How exciting - can't wait for Marcia's cookbook!
( I have the same tablecloth.)


nice blog!!!!

-fashion illustrator-

pve design said...

Our little group just delivered a family meal that looked just like that for a dear friend whose mother is in the hospital.
I do think cooking and sharing recipes and cook books are part of what make life special.
I always admire your sneak peeks.
Hope you are well Anna.
love from NY.

Pip Spiro (Boydell) said...

Anna - can't wait to see more pics and of course the cookbook itself.... oh and not to mention Mr & Mrs G opening up - it is bound to be fantastic and just what Brisbane needs! xx

Anna Spiro said...

I agree Patricia. I also love a table which isn't really, really styled. That is what we wanted to achieve today with Marcia's cookbook. We wanted it to be very real showing their passion for family and food!


Anna Spiro said...

Pip - Marcia & Andy don't do anything by halves and Mr & Mrs G Bar will certainly be testament to that.


Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

You lucky thing that photo says it all ... nom nom nom!

Mel said...

Ahh I was wondering what the construction was at Eagle Street Pier - am definitely excited for it to open now!

miss b said...

It looks just like a real family gathering - lovely. I look forward to your next post as I love to hear about new cookbooks.