Thursday, 14 August 2008

Current Project Update

A little while ago I showed you some images of a very exciting project I was working on. I thought I'd show you a recent picture of the house which I took today. It is all starting to take shape and hopefully we will be installing the furniture within the next month. It is certainly one of the most beautiful houses I have ever worked on and I am so excited as it is going to be a very special home for its owners who are such lovely, lovely people. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them. They have not cut back on anything as it will be their family home which I think they will probably stay in for a very long time. We are using lots of beautiful Antique pieces and lots of beautiful fabrics. I can't wait to get it finished for them as it is a project they have been working on for many years. When I was with the client today she was starting to get so excited and I know she is just so grateful to everyone who has worked on the project as it certainly is turning out to be exactly the way she has always dreamed it would be! I'll keep you posted!!