Friday, 11 July 2008

Happy Weekend!!

Hope you have a great weekend! I'll be spending my weekend packing for my trip and cuddling my little 5 year old!! xxAnna

Image - Delphine Chanet Photographer


naphtali said...

Have a lovely weekend!

pve design said...

Lovely photo! Lovely journey!

SusanWest said...

Dear Anna,
I have been reading your blog for about 10 months now and LOVE IT!! Your words and images are so very inspiring. I wish you an absolutely beautiful trip. Oh I wish I could carry your bags.
Susan West

SusanWest said...

Dear Anna,
I have so loved reading your blog for the last 10months and read it every day.
I am so looking forward to sharing your French trip with you via your blog. Have an absolutely beautiful time. Keep safe and happy.
Susan West

colette rose said...

this photo is stunning....have a great weekend.

naohama said...

Dear Anna
Your blog is really absolutely beautiful. I am visiting all the time inspired by your Deco ideas.
Keep it up.

beauty comma said...

Hi Anna, just wanted to introduce myself. I like your blog a lot! You're so lucky to have a trip to Paris ahead of you! I've been there twice and it's just as wonderful as they say (maybe even a little more) Happy weekend!

Anna Spiro said...

Thanks Susan for your well-wishes for my trip!

Anna Spiro said...

THanks also thedecodetective! Annaxx

Clarity said...

Dear Anna,

I am bookmarking your blog because we have similar tastes although mine are more on the sparse side.

I hope you enjoyed Paris, I'm planning to hop over there from London soon too to just breathe the different air and paint :)

Solia said...

This photo reminds me of a scene from an amazing book i read called The Stone Diaries. Anyway, love your blog!

Anastasia said...

what a gorgeous image!!!
wow 3 days to go until your trip - im so excited for you!

Babelfish said...

Such a wonderful image.