Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Etsy Addict...

Doily Notecards @ Beauideal

Dragondino Snailgeese @ Kinchi

Keep Calm & Carry On Poster @ Sfgirlbybay

Personalised Notecards @ Enfin, La Voila

Hand made & Hand stamped Thank you Bowl @ Paloma's Nest

Vintage Fabric Cushion @ Absoluut

Patterned Gift Tags @ Elfrida

Vintage Fairy Tale Text Envelopes @ Red Caboose Designs

Dutch Lady Figurine @ Blue Bell Bazaar

Italian Embroidered Cotton Initial Ribbon @ Angelaliguori

Fancy Face Clutch @ Pretty Lil Things

Worcester Porcelain Ginger Jar Print @ Annechovie

Sewing Tape with French Writing @ Matatabi

Dress Doily Note Cards @ Small White Pebble

I have to admit my addiction for Etsy has escalated over the holidays with all my spare time. I thought I'd show you a few of my current favourite things as above.


Style Court said...

Anna your latest tablescapes in the sidebar look great.

Anastasia said...

Happy New Year anna!
ohhh great etsy finds and i love the pink 'Keep calm...poster!
what sweet doily cards...everything is great!
i hope to open at Etsy store this year!!

Artifax said...

What lovely finds! Love the vintage fairy tale envelopes!

pve design said...

Is there an Etsy-Anonymous you could join?
We all need to have some sort of vice and this one seems well worth your time!

Brilliant Asylum said...

Ah, thank you for saving me many hours of Etsy surfing. I love what you have scavenged for us.

Kristi @ Addicted 2 Decorating said...

These are fantastic! That "thank you" plate is my favorite...closely followed by the fairy tale envelopes. What wonderful finds.

Alkemie said...

What a fabulous collection you've put together! My favorite is the personalized note cards. So beautiful!

annechovie said...

Hi Anna~
Thank you for including my work in this post! Hope you are well!

ALL THE BEST said...

Sooooo many things to love!!

A said...

Etsy is the best thing since sliced bread..
Beautiful post!

girl meets glamour said...

Such great finds!! It's so hard not to be an etsy addict, oh and I second what Courtney said :)


RP said...

Etsy is one of my addictions! I love the things you posted, some I havnt seen before. They are incredible.

Kelli said...

Hi Anna,
What a gorgeous collection! There are so many talented people out there! Have you seen Fiona’s Etsy shop 'Hop Skip Jump Toys'? Her hand crafted soft toys are so, so cute! www.hopskipjump.typepad.com

blah said...

Anna! Love those last cards :-) cute cute cute!
Must say too - am liking the new sidebar look and the pic of the designer herself! :-)

rachel @ blackeiffel said...

My, what great etsy taste you have!

Unknown said...

I love the " Keep Calm & Carry On" Poster. It is one of my favourite inspirational sayings. I repeat it constantly to my daughter who is the mother of boys: a 2 year old and a 5 year old. Also everything that Annechovie does is exquisite!!

Style Saves the World said...

What great finds!! Those doily notecards...ooo la la.

LittleDoodles said...

I love the keep calm and carry on poster...I think I need one of those :)

Babelfish said...

Love your etsy picks, they are fabulous!

michelle said...

Hey just found this post with my doily cards - thanks for including them (they've sold out but there's different types now!) Super pretty blog : )