Thursday, 1 February 2007

Note Couture

If you are ever looking for a fantastic gift to give a girlfriend have a look at Note Couture's gorgeous range of personalised stationery which includes personalised note pads, note cards, to do lists and lots more. You can select from a huge collection. I love the three designs above in particular. I bought these personalised notepads for my girlfriends at Christmas - they all loved them. We were just out to dinner tonight with one of my friends who I gave one to and she reminded me about them when she said that she sent a note to one of her friends recently using the paper from the note pad I gave her and the friend just roared with laughter. I thought it was just so wonderful that not only my friend got enjoyment out of these wonderful notes but her friend did as well. Oh and the best thing is Note Couture is an Australian company and once you place your order on their site they only take about one to two weeks to arrive.